The Mets were swept out of Pitt today, even after showing some heart with mini-comebacks. The story here was Big Pelf pitching like a Redding. The Pirates looked relaxed the entire series. Why not, they have nothing at all to lose. They could probably kick the crap out of the handful of fans that showed up.

ledge2This sweep will undoubtedly bring out the worst in Met fans. The season is over folks, get on the ledge, pack up your jerseys, and cancel your cable subscriptions. There I said it. Now leave the rest of the, 100 plus game, season to the rest of us. As Piazza used to remind us – “don’t’ get too high and don’t get too low”.piazza3

BTW, Beltran got out of bed and came to the park swinging. Wow, he looked great. In fact, he was pissed after this loss professing that the Mets shouldn’t get swept by the Pirates. Apparently, quiet Carlos found himself some leadership in that hotel bed. Now, let’s see the belushiteam DO something about it. Get pissed off, stay healthy, and play playoff caliber baseball. The NL East is not going to be a one-team race, the Mets will be there. As Belushi said – “Nothing is over” (not even when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor)!!!

Random Screams
When Keith Hernandez first started announcing, he was a homer. Now, he actually seems like he roots against the Mets. The more I hear him, the more his image gets ruined for me. He is basically a selfish, know it all, jackass at times. Classic the other night recounting how important it was that guys like Garvey and Stargell told him to hang in when he was young and feeling as if he did not belong. Cohen then asked him if he ever returned the favor to a young opposing team player. He thought for a second, and said “uh, no”. Not surprising.

Putz finally acknowledges that he is pitching hurt. I admire him pitching, but get him out of there.

ichiroWhile people talk about potential outfield help, from other teams (e.g., Carlos Lee and Holliday), the guy that I want is Ichiro! I bet the Mets could take him and his contract off Seattle’s hands. The guy is a 200 plus hits guy a year, doesn’t strike out a lot, can play a hell of a right field, and would be a perfect leadoff until Jose comes back (and two guy thereafter). That guy will somehow manage to get 3000 hits in MLB. You heard it here first.

I’m digging the new feature in ESPN’s boxscores – pitches per hitter. Check it out.

Posted by Gene Anthony


2 responses to “BUCS SWAB THE DECK WITH THE METS (6/4/09)

  1. I’m digging the Ichiro idea. I’m not digging the fact that Reyes has a torn hammy. Bad day….baaaaad day.

  2. you know what – you had to know that was going to happen. THis year is very strange injury wise. That’s why I think Ichiro would lessen the blow a bit.

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