J.J. Finally Comes Clean

Per Cerrone on Metsblog, http://www.metsblog.com/2009/06/04/news-putz-may-get-medical-exam/, J.J. revealed to the media that he is going to the doctor to look at his ailing elbow (that hasn’t been good for a while). He thinks that he may end of having surgery. To all this, Gene replies (see below)- no shit!

posted by Gene Anthony


2 responses to “J.J. Finally Comes Clean

  1. It takes a big man to admin that he needs help or admit he has a problem. Too bad we all figured this one out before the Mets did.

  2. That’s the part that is puzzling, nice for a player to man up, but how does it get passed professional evaluators of baseball. Putz didn’t throw anything but fastballs – c’mon.

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