What’s gooooing on 6/5/2009

Trying too hard

The Mets beat the Nationals in 10 innings yesterday and it was a kind of good game… sort of. Hey look, it was the Nats and you need to win these right? So I’m going to resist the sarcasm that comes with getting swept by the Pirates and needing 10 innings to beat the Nats and focus on other things. Oh wait, that was a bit of a backhanded comment wasn’t it? Ok, let’s treat the game like it was a win against a legit major league team. David Wright put a good swing on a ball in the 10th to finally not strike out with men in scoring position and the Frankie Ghostbuster did what he’s done every time out there and captured another ghost from last year. Behold… the Benitez meter ticks up one! Tim Redding really manhandled those Nats… *eye roll* (yes, I know they’re an OK offensive team, but there is no pressure when you know your offense is facing Nats pitching) I’m glad the Nats are distributing wins this year and all, but I almost slipped into coma watching them last night.


I’d pay to see Bruno land on Tim Redding…..





Around the Horn

Let’s flip around the horn a bit and see what Met nation is talking about in the wake of this mess.

  • I’m starting with Steve Kean who looks deeper into the Putz and Reyes debacle and attaches some dates to what we’ve all been screaming about.  He’s spot on in his analysis that proves how instead of treating & diagnosing the players correctly, the team stalls and loses precious time. If Putz had surgery on this preexisting condition in the spring he’d be back a week or two from now (He’s been terrible anyway). If the team had LISTENED and WATCHED Jose Reyes, they would have made sure they kept looking until they found his problem and he too would be close to getting back.  Instead they’re allowed to play hurt, not perform wel and then ultimately lose months.

It’s going to be a shame in September if Putz is throwing great, Wagner is back, Reyes is back, Delgado is back… and we’re looking at a loaded team that’s too far away from Philly to do anything about it. I really hope Omar has a trick up his sleeve to keep us in the game until the cavalry arrives.

Stay brave guys & girls… Omar will think of something (I hope)

Posted By Nik Kolidas


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