Mets Win – Push Record to One Game Over .500 at 28-27 (6-7 09)

calendarI haven’t lost it just yet. The Mets did win, but that record is not the record of this year, 30-25, but last year’s record after 55 games. No kidding, you say – I said the same. Here’s my point, no matter how you look at it, the team is better than it was last year – the same year that they came within a game of the playoffs. As of now, they are second in the NL East, but first in the wild card. If pitching wins baseball games, as the last 100 years suggests, this team is IN IT. Fasten your seatbelt fans, the season is about to get fun.

Mets won today 7-0, shutting out the Nats – a fairly good hitting team. I don’t care what anyone says, a win is a win. The Mets are winning with minimal runs, good starting pitching, and an excellent bullpen. The Mets’ mantra should be “score five and we are alive”.

The game was decided in the first, as the Mets scored most of their runs then. Livan pitched as he does – smooth and easy for seven innings. At this point, he is slowly becoming the second, if not the first, most reliable pitcher in terms of innings. Jerry needs to have some faith in the Cunning Cuban!

I will continue to endorse this – if the Mets want to pick up a guy I suggest Ichiro – go get him Omar!

Next up is the Phillies, and let’s hope the team is ready for a steady diet of lefties. As of now, the Phils have four lefty starters, Hamels, Happ, Moyer, and Bastard(o), I can’t remember the last time that I saw that.

budlightHere’s my prediction – Church goes on a rampage – and the Mets take the series. I’ll be at two of the games, Wednesday and Thursday, which is rare since I live outside NY. If you are at the game and want to meet up for a beer, drop me a line ( and let’s make that happen.

Posted by Gene Anthony


4 responses to “Mets Win – Push Record to One Game Over .500 at 28-27 (6-7 09)

  1. If you’re doing an Ichiro campaign, then the Aubrey Huff for LF ’09 campaign will go up in earnest!

  2. It’s so nice to hear some positivity about this team. It seems that all I hear these days is how bad we are.

    All these injuries and our heads are still above water. LET’S GO METS!!!!

    Huff or Ichiro will be fine, what is Ichiro’s contract situation?

  3. Dan, Ichiro’s contract is big, but that is a bonus, as Seattle may look to unload it.

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