Santana es un hombre…Mets Out-Man Phillies, 6-5 (6/9/2009)

As Jerry Manuel walked to the mound in the 8th inning to remove Johan Santana after giving up a homer to Chase Utley, Johan reminded him that he was a man.

"Stay in the game, the way Johan...tries to"

"Stay in the game, the way Johan...uh, tries to"

Sure, Santana gave up 4 home runs in what became a mini-Home Run Derby at CitiField last night (the Mets countered with 3 of their own, including a shot by Ryan “I’m Back” Church). But he also helped himself with a 2-run RBI in the 6th, and some fancy glove work in the 7th. You take the good with the bad, and you still come up with a win. So I believe him – Santana is a man, and he may just be the man.

The bullpen also put on quite a show, pitching two scoreless innings and producing K-Rod’s 16th save in as many opportunities- and yet another notch in our “Benitez Meter”  belt.

It was the most exciting game that CitiField has seen this year, and made me believe we’re in for a wild series with the Phils. Stay tuned!

Posted by Emily Doran


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