Mets Choke Away Game & Series to Phils in 11; Maine to DL

Before I begin I want to be clear I am well aware that the Phillies are at full strength, and the Mets are without Carlos Delgado & Jose Reyes.

They should have won anyway. They Choked this series away.

For now it's true

For now it's true

The Mets wasted a good outing from Tim Redding, yes that Tim Redding, who gave up 6 hits and 3 runs in 7 innings. The Mets had a 3-1 lead at one point in this game thanks to ONLY Luis Casillo and Carlos Beltran (with some help from Alex Cora moving Castillo over). The Mets pen, tired and depleted after yesterday’s extra inning game and the injury to JJ Putz, could not wait for the offense indefinitely. Parnell and Takahashi gave up 3 runs in the 11th, when Takahashi gave up a 3 Run Home Run to Raul Ibanez, who might be a legitimate MVP candidate this year.

The Mets need to find another lefthanded option to Feliciano if they want to beat the Phillies. Lefthanders are hitting over .340 against Takahashi. With Putz out and his effectiveness a question when he returns, the only guys who can be trusted against lefties are Feliciano and K-rod. That’s not going to cut it in the NL East.

The big issue with the Mets is the anemic offense. Without Delgado and Reyes the Mets lineup is too easy to go through. The Mets do not have the pitching and defense to make up for being a low scoring team. The Mets don’t necessarily need a star to do it. To give you an idea, look at the Phillies this series. Granted, they’re healthy, but aside from the catcher they used the same lineup all 3 games.

The Mets have platoons in both corner outfields, 1b, shortstop, and at catcher. The Mets don’t need all-stars, they need solid major league starters. Unfortunately, it’s still too early to expect a trade, as many teams are still in contention. Last night Castillo, Wright, and Beltran combined for 7 of the 9 hits over 11 innings. Unless the Mets improve their pitching to be at a dominant level, they will need to do something to the offense and not just hope for the cavalry to save them.

And until the Mets keep a lead and stave off a Phillies Rally and make the playoffs, Cole Hamels will be right and the Mets will be choke artists. It’s like how Boston used to be with the Yankees before 04, or the Mets when they faced the Braves in the late 90s.

As Ric Flair said, “To Be the Man, you have to beat the Man.” And until further notice, the Phils are The Man.

The Phils are The Man........for now. WOOOOOOOO!

The Phils are The Man........for now. WOOOOOOOO!


Bad News Everyone!

bad news

John Maine was placed on the 15 day DL after the game with a dead arm. Maine told reporters, ‘It’s no big deal,’ noting his shoulder is weak, there is fatigue, and ‘it’s dead.’ He is expected to miss 1-2 starts. John Nieve or Nelson Figueroa will replace him in the rotation and pitch Saturday vs the Yankees. Yes, it’s OK to pray for a rainout today or tomorrow. On the plus side, the Mets finally didn’t mess around with an injury and came to a decision to DL quickly before they made a problem worse. Maine also probably would not have been a good matchup at Yankee Stadium, as he is susceptible to the home run.

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