Team triage has a good day at work, but forgets to punch out and doesn’t get paid 6/12 09

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Wow… what to say, what to say? That was some win last night. Great fighting from team triage, El Duquesito pitched with some guts… what can I say? Clutch hits, fighting like mad… things you love to see from a baseball team. It’s funny though, how the “afraid to win” nature this team has is so inconsistent with the fight they put on for 8 innings.. or 5 1/2 months for that matter. I think we need to get this entire team on erectile dysfunction medication until they learn to stop finishing the game prematurely.

I DVR the games so I don't need to watch the endless commercials for death. Why does cancer need to place ads anyhow?

The saddest sports mood is starting to overtake me. Indifference. I’m sick of seeing scrubs, I’m disappointed I’m not going to see my kick ass bullpen until August at best and I’m disappointed that with all the star power we have… I’m still forced to watch the 1983 Mets. I’m am SO SICK of the 1983 Mets. I’ve watched different versions the 1983 Mets for far too long. Even when the Mets are good, they have a few 1983 Met style players around and it makes me sick with bad memories. That’s why I can’t stand Tim Redding. He hasn’t been half bad to be honest, but it’s that mediocrity that gets me crazy. If you’re going to suck..then suck big. If you’re not planning to suck… kick ass until there is no more ass to kick. Brain Schneider is another one…

I love the fight, but how many games can I watch Jeremy Reed, Omir Santos Claus and Alex Cora play before I start choosing Family Guy reruns over them? Truth be told, I’ll never shut it off… but when that ball bounced out of Jose Oquendo’s hand…errr…. Luis Castillo’s rather (He must have needed the other hand to scratch himself), I wasn’t mad. I was numb and that sucks. I wasn’t yelling at the TV or rushing to write a horrible post… I was depressed, opened my computer and started making some late night music. I’m just sick of it.

Watching this team is like watching basketball.. there is no reason to turn it on until the end of the game. It’s less painful if you haven’t emotionally invested 3 hours in it.

Who do you blame? Of all the older plays Omar signed, it’s the young ones that are incapacitated. It’s not his fault. Jerry Manuel is getting on my nerves, but he hasn’t been whacking players with bats or anything. It’s just a nasty case of 1987 fever where the team gets snake bit and everyone gets hurt. For what it’s worth, in 1987 they would have won the wild card. It would not shock me at all if this team went on a late rampage and stole a title like the 1973 team (yeah I know they didn’t win in the end, but you get the point).

I know this post is all over the place, but it’s because like the team… I’m a scattered baseball fan. Between the scrubs on he field, the daily changing uniforms, the new stadium, the errors, the Marx Brothers doctors, the erratic management and the manager benching the remaining talent for no apparent reason… I’m totally lost here. What am I watching and who am I watching? Why is Daniel Murphy not allowed to get his swing back? Why is Church EVER out of the lineup in favor of lesser players? I know there has to be a reason, I just can’t see it.


Finally, Luis. Ahhhhhh Luis my friend. Two hands please. Next time… catch the ball with two hands. I know it tickles to catch the ball, but be brave. And if a man is running to the plate as the winning run after a ball just bounced off your ego… please…please…please… don’t throw to your shortstop. To score a run, the runner must touch the base where you do your bunting and girly slap hits my fine feathered friend. You need to throw to THAT base to get the runner out. If you’re still not sure where home is, pretend you’re batting and throw at yourself.


P.S. I’ve heard the rumblings that Pedro might be coming back. I love the Petey show as much as anyone, but to me that’s telling me either Maine is seriously hurt or Perez has shown no signs of being able to come back this year.  Or both.

Posted By Nik Kolidas


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