Bronx Tales…

I can’t shake this feeling that this team should have won at least four of six against the Phils and Yankees. Yesterday aside, they played hard and deserved a little more in terms of overall results. You’ve got to hope things balance out in the end and the walking wounded start coming back.



Notes & thoughts from the last two games:

  • How does a starter who throws 95 with guts fly under the radar? Paging Fernando Nieve, you’re needed in the OR…
  • It was great to see the team rally around Castillo on Saturday (unlike when they stoned Daniel Murphy for a lesser evil) and play a crisp game to lessen the fan’s venom
  • It was just as disheartening to see the team crumble when the mighty Johan experienced his shrinkage on Sunday. Hey, if you’re going to lose… lose biblically right?
  • Speaking of the mighty one… you can tell he has the potential to be one crap pitcher when his fastball loses a few ticks later in his career. I’ll assume this is just a dead arm period and he’ll be back to his usual ass kicking business in a week or two.
  • The Yankees need to start employing their own people in the broadcast booth. Seeing Met legends Cone & Leiter in their pregame show is just ridicules. I know Cone had a little late career fun over there, but he was never a real ace with those guys. His prime & name will always be in Flushing and the same with traitor Al. Maybe the Mets should dump Mex and Darling and hire Reggie Jackson & Ron Guidry?
  • Francisco Rodriguez is slowly becoming one of my favorite players. I really dug the Ray Knight act against that journeyman crap pitcher Bruno…Broogie.. Bruney whatever.
  • It’s official, The Optimum online guy needs to be sent into space with no helmet. Also, I’m going to send an e-mail to my guy over at SNY and ask why we need to see so many endless commercials for cancer. Before those commercials, I had no idea I didn’t want cancer! Thanks for the wealth of information & nasty visuals there nutsacks…

Posted By Nik Kolidas


5 responses to “Bronx Tales…

  1. It’ll never happen, but one of these subway series games i’d love to see a simulcast on sny and yes for an inning, and have both yogi berra and ralph kiner in the booth at the same time. berra and kiner are basically the bearers of their respective team’s history, and both are non sequitor champions. i’d love to hear an inning with these two together, regardless of whether a mets guy or yanks is doing play by play.

  2. I HAD to listen to the game on the Yankmees radio feed. Good Christ, I swear Waldman and Sterling were having sex. They were giggling like h.s. kids.

  3. Yo yo… FYI about David Cone

    David Cone played 5.5 years for the Yankees & 6 for the Mets. He won 4 world series titles with the Yankees… He is now Yankee Property! :) Boo Ya!

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