Pelf & Mets Roll O’s 6-4 (6/16/09)

First off, good to see Mike Pelfrey pitch strong, mixing up pitches and getting ahead of hitters. The Mets took advantage of a dropped ball, not the Castillo kind but still a drop, to seal the deal against the Orioles. The Mets also took advantage of a botched double play to put up four runs in the fourth. K-Rod came in, made it slightly interesting, and slammed the door. Man, that is one smooth cat.

palmerIt’s funny to hear other team’s impressions of the Mets. I had the Orioles feed last night and Palmer and Thorn recognized the injuries on the team, but gave glowing reviews of Wright, Beltran, and Sheffield. Almost to the point of saying that the Mets could win with just those guys. On our side, we tend to focus on what we don’t have over what we do have. Shame on me but I was waterunaware that the Mets have the highest batting average, as a team, in the NL. All I can say is that I hope we can keep our head above water until Reyes and Delgado come back.

If the news about Wags is correct, that would also be huge. I still musclebelieve that the Mets need a thumper they have to work too damn hard to score runs.

The Positives:
• Wright is still hitting, striking out, but hitting.

• Green is pitching like the pitcher that he was advertised as – a workhorse that gets ground balls.

• Schneider grabbing a couple of knocks.

Random Screams:
• Murphy looks overmatched right now. I hope that I am wrong, but he may get sent down if the Mets make a move.

• Beltran looks scared with people on base. I’ll ignore his would-be double play, but I won’t ignore his approach with the bases loaded in the 7th. As the master of bases loaded, Robin Ventura, used to say – “the hitter is in the driver’s seat”. Beltran approaches these situations like Jay Payton used to – swing early and often.

• As good as Pelf pitches, it is apparent that teams can get in his head. He gets distracted by little things very easily. If I were managing against him in a big game I’d have my leadoff guy crowd the plate, get hit, and semi-charge the mound. Pelf – trust your stuff kid.

• It’s now extremely clear to me why the Mets let Peterson go – he knows things about player’s physical health better than the players themselves. In a perfect world he would team up as a pitching coach with Tim McCarver as manager.

Posted by Gene Anthony


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