Small Ball is Frustrating: Mets Lose 6-4 to Orioles (6/17/09)

I hate all the losses! The Mets hung around and fought back but just didn’t have enough to withstand the Orioles. What sucks is watching other teams hit homeruns. The Mets get enough guys on base, but need too many hits to get them in. Last week versus the Phillies, I watched them get three singles with the bases loaded, managing only three runs – one per hit. That is tough to do. A home run every now and then, more now over then, would do this team good. Omar, it’s Gene – get us an outfield stick.

I worry about the impact of this on guys like Wright and Beltran. You can see them trying to overdo it at times. At two seperate points Beltran swung at the first pitch in a key spot – relax Carlos, relax. Wright was no better. In fact, both did it in the 9th with the Sheff on base and down two runs. In five plate appearances each, Beltran and Wright saw a total of 9 and 15 pitches respectively. That’s not good. At this point the team is hanging in there but looks like a bunch of punch and Judys!!

posted by Gene Anthony


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