Gangsta Navigates Mets to a 5-3 Win Against the Rays (6/19/09)

ganstaIn case you had to TIVO/DVR the game, here it is in a nutshell. Nieve pitched six strong, Schneider hit all of his homeruns (in feet) in one swing, and Jerry navigated the pen to set up Frankie. Sprinkle three hits from Murphy, a clutch one-batter appearance from Feliciano, and a two-out tack on run by Church and you can erase the game from your cable box to free up for today’s game or a week’s worth of Ellen. BTW, I have never DVR(ed) a baseball game.

I have to admit, and hope others do too, that I was perplexed with Jerry’s maneuvering of the bullpen, especially Feliciano. While it was unfolding, I thought he was out of his mind, or he got caught with his pants down. If I was managing, as we all tend to do during games, I might have lost this game for the Mets! Maybe we should start a Gene-Meter – all the games we would have lost with me managing.

The top of the 7th is what I am referring to. Parnell almost pitched out of the inning, possibly too excited over striking out Met-killer Burrell. Jerry brings in Feliciano to face Carl Crawford, which is the right move. I’m good up until I DON’T see someone coming in with Pedro as part of a double switch (the pitcher is leading off the bottom of the 7th). I would have brought in Evans or Reed in place of Church, so we can have Pedro pitch against the three lefties that were hitting for the Rays in the 8th. Pedro gets out of the inning, but I am wondering who is going to pitch the next inning for the Mets. Jerry duped me and put in Green who did manage to strike out the side. Not only that but Church, who I had on the bench as part of my brilliant double swith, hit a two out single to provide the Mets with an insurance run. Jerry claims to have a “feel” for the game (and situations) and he either showed it last night, or got lucky. Either way Gangsta, I was wrong.

Posted by Gene Anthony


2 responses to “Gangsta Navigates Mets to a 5-3 Win Against the Rays (6/19/09)

  1. I wouldn’t DVR a game either, but SNY leaves me no choice. If I watch another cancer ad or McDonalds low rent ad I might have to throw myself off a bridge.

    Besides, DVR is also the only way to deal with a Tim Redding start haha

  2. I don’t get the commercials, for the most part, with the MLB package. I hear you though, saw a couple of those and they are more depressing than the game at times!

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