Mets score 6 without Beltran, Win 6-4 (6/22/09)


Who would have thought that a lineup with Fernando Tatis batting cleanup would have scored 6 runs? Add on the fact that Wright had 0 RBI’s and it’s very hard to believe we scored at all. But not only did the Mets score, they took the first game against a good Cardinals team under a good pitching performance by Tim Redding and clutch hits from Alex Cora and Omir Santos. Daniel Murphy also hit his 5th HR of the year and the bullpen was solid with Brian Stokes getting the great Albert Pujols to hit into a DP and K Rod closing it out with a 1-2-3 9th inning.

It was great to see this lineup score 6 runs tonight without Wright knocking in a run. If we can get good pitching like we did tonight from Redding, I see no reason why this team cannot stay afloat until we get some players back. We aren’t going to outslug anyone but with good pitching and defense we should at least be able to stay above .500. The bullpen also got a much needed rest as Feliciano, Green, and Parnell all got the night off and Jerry decided that using some guy named Brian Stokes might be a good idea. Turned out he was right as he got Pujols to hit into a huge double play that might have been the biggest play of the game. In small news the Mets DFA’ed yet another player as they let go of Conner Robertson, the player they got in the Scott Schoenweiss deal.

Tomorrow the Mets take on the Cardinals again as Livan Hernandez goes up against Joel Piniero at 7:10.

Posted by Anthony Agnese


2 responses to “Mets score 6 without Beltran, Win 6-4 (6/22/09)

  1. Bobby Keilty, who was battling reed and pagan for an outfield spot in March, also was released

  2. This roster movement, and subsequent releases, might mean that the mets want to promote a few younger guys possibly as trade bait for other clubs. This team is wayyyyy to close to 1st to not make some kind of deal.

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