Jon Heyman: Mets won’t Mortgage Future

Per Jon Heyman on Twitter, a Mets official says they won’t mortgage the future for a fix in the offense. Heyman feels that means F-mart, Holt and Meija.

In this blogger’s opinion, that probably keeps Holiday off the Mets, but Jermaine Dye, Aubrey Huff, Mark Derosa and Adam Dunn probably can be had without giving up one of those three. In Dye’s case, problem only if Mets take on the entire 11m+ salary.

Of the three aside from Dye, I’d prefer Derosa or Huff, for the flexibility in their positions and I feel they’d fit the offense more than Dunn. I know many fans love the fact that Dunn can hit home runs out of any field, including Citi, and he does walk, but in a park like Citifield defense and pitching is paramount. Dunn is a butcher in the field and is liable to cost as many runs as produce.

I like Huff and Derosa as well cause they both have power, but can still hit for high enough average not to rely on it, and have doubles power. Neither are gold glovers, but they aren’t liabilities either.

If Dunn were to be acquired I wouldn’t be upset, but I can picture him being a bust in NY far more easily than other options.

Posted by Robert Z


One response to “Jon Heyman: Mets won’t Mortgage Future

  1. not sure anyone knows at this point what the Mets are going to do (or not do). I fear though that management could look at the injuries, as opposed to non-performing players, and say “if it wasn’t for injury A or B (or x,y,z in our case), we’d be in there, it’s just bad luck”. This takes away the liability in a some ways.

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