NY Daily News’ Adam Rubin on Minors Moves

NY Daily News beat writer Adam Rubin was good enough to answer my questions regarding last night’s release of veteran minor leaguers Wily Mo Pena, Connor Robertson, Bobby Keilty, and Javier Valentin.

Robert Z: The Mets yesterday made a flurry of moves, but lost in them were the release of Bobby Keilty, Wily Mo Pena, Javier Valentin, and Connor Robertson. Why yesterday? Was it coincidence with all the roster moves? Was there a contract trigger on these former MLB’ers? Or is Omar trying to free up a bit of cash?

Adam Rubin: I don’t know the precise answer, but I think they just acquired and acquired and acquired guys and ran out of room. For instance, I haven’t looked into it, but doesn’t Ryan Coultas to Kingsport a few days ago just have to be a paper move until they could free up room? He was doing fine.

Robert Z: You mean you think they just ran out of roster space in the minors?

Adam Rubin: Pretty much is my interpretation.

Posted by Robert Z


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