Sheff’s Back in Kitchen, Church is in Center & Reyes……Running?!?

Per our friend Adam Rubin of Daily News, YOUR new york Mets have announced the Gary Sheffield will be back in left field vs his old team, the Yankees. Ryan Church will man center field, with Tatis in right. It will be Church’s first appearance in center since 2007 with the Nationals.

Considering the Mets best ground ball pitcher, Mike Pelfrey, will be on the mound tonight going with a relatively weak defensive outfield makes a great deal of sense.

The lineup is as follows:

Castillo, 2b
Cora, ss
Wright, 3b
Sheffield, lf
Tatis, rf
Church, cf
Evans, 1b
Santos, c
Pelfrey, rhp

Keep your fingers crossed as Jose Reyes will be jogging at Citifield today to test his hamstring. Hopefully if there’s no setbacks it might mean a rehab assignment will start soon.

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