Yo’ Hand and the Mini Mets ride again!

This is not supposed to be happening, but maybe it’s perfectly logical and we’ve been conditioned to think otherwise. A team of injured superstars, led by an arrogant first baseman wilts like a dead flower and the weeds take over the garden. Suddenly the stadium is full, Mets fans are happy and the team is fighting. Whenever you see a team load up on big free agents in an off season, just sit and laugh to yourself.

On pace for 20... allllrrriiiiiiggggghhht

I’m not going to be delusional and claim I won’t be happy when Reyes, Maine & Putz come back, but I will say that I love watching winning simplified to it’s basic elements. This team is proving that you don’t win with your baseball card, you win by scoring more runs that the other side. If a double A team plays hard and smart, given the mentality of today’s overpriced major leaguers,. they’ll pull more games out than you think. Also, some people respond better given more responsibility.

Yesterday Johan had a shakey start and according to Metsblog went into the tunnel and corrected himself via computer. If that’s not done more often by pitchers… it should be.

Notes from yesterday and assorted other stuff

  • 3 of 4 against the Cards is a fantastic feat and the team deserves every turnstile click it gets. I’m going to make a point to head out to Citi as soon as the circus leaves town this weekend.
  • Fernando Martinez can catch the baseball
  • I love seeing Nick Evans revival (and his showcasing), but must we always bench Daniel Murphy?
  • Jerry said just two days ago he thought Murphy was starting to hit because he got regular playing time. Wow, ummm… Jerry should speak to the manager and see if he can convince him to play Murphy.

Johan has such smooth hands


Johan’s coco butter commercial is really gay and almost as nasty as Reyes’. Really, thinking the players have smooth hands makes me want to shut the game off and go chop some wood.




  • Damn… I’m starting not to hate Tim Redding. I think I need a pill or something for that. Did you know he is Joyce Randolph’s nephew (Trixie from the Honeymooners)??
  • Don fehr is retiring as head of the MLBPA. Ding dong the witch is dead! Hey Bud, there’s a rocking chair at the home for you too. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out

RIP Buddy


Posted By Nik Kolidas

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