Lost Weekend at Citi

There’s not much to write about the last few days at Citi Field that’s not already been written. There is nothing that a Met fan would rather read less than a synopsis of 3 games in which the original Baltimore Orioles spanked our Mets like as if they were wearing lingerie and high heels.

ahhh... to be a mets fan

The combination of the Wilpons letting the players go off to slaughter in the WBC, the cracker jack training staff that tried to put Humpty Dumpty back together again and our fearless leader who’s given up on the roster has led us to where we are today.

A happy face sticker goes to Livan for holding the fort yesterday and to Fernando Martinez for bringing his glove this weekend. That’s about it.

I’m really put off by Jerry Manuel and I’ve gone from being a supporter of his to slowly wondering if a change is in order. The first sign of the times came when he called the Yankees the marquee franchise in NY a while back and little by little he’s showing a side of himself that I’m not comfortable with.

I believe he’s ruining Daniel Murphy and all this treading water crap has got me steaming with anger. I miss that guy from 1999 who managed to win with a 600lb Hawaiian in left field. What was his name again?

Posted by Nik Kolidas


4 responses to “Lost Weekend at Citi

  1. I miss V too, but Beltran, Reyes, Delgado would shit if he was the manager- we’d lose them for sure. I have to disagree about Murph. Manuel hasn’t made him stop hitting, taking pitches, etc. – he has given him a chance to play two positions. If anyone can complain about Jerry it’s Stokes.

  2. Then as I watch tonight’s game versus the Brewers I am yelling at Jerry and his refusal to mix and match the bullpen against the opposition when the Mets got back in the game. Maybe he is trying to make a point.

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