I can't watch


What an embarrassing display of filthy baseball, antagonizing commercials and overall amateurish everything. 




Let’s review today:

  • Yohan gets unraveled and throws a dugout temper tantrum
  • The team fields like the 62 Mets.
  • Every commercial is either for death, hopeless fast food junkies with mayo all over their face, musicals about the lotto or some shyster lawyer trying to leech off poor people’s misfortune.  It’s all an ideal bridge from one horrible inning to the next.

I’m utterly disgusted in every way. 

Sadly Posted By Nik Kolidas

3 responses to “Arrrrgggghhhhhh

  1. I feel bad that f-mart’s first career home run came in this game.

    it also ticks me off a bit that johan went off on his teammates. f-mart tripped on a divot. how the hell are there divots in a domed astroturf stadium?

    johan walked the opposing pitcher on 4 pitches. johan allowed a bases clearing double. johan threw wild over 3b. and he goes off on his teammates? love the passion, hate the timing.

  2. The blame game, lets take buck..

    oh! thats the name game?

    That is special sauce not mayo!

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