Mets fall under .500 with 10-6 Loss to the Brewers

You know how you go on a roller coaster, and as it slowly reaches the top you prepare yourself for the plummet? But when you start going down you still scream your lungs out as the surprising lunge.

The Mets have plunged.

Fernando-Nieve-mania came to a screeching halt last night. He didn’t have command, nor his fastball. He allowed 11 hits and 3 runs in less than 4 innings. The Mets came back to 3-2 off Casey McGehee’s (doesn’t that sound like the name of a player off a non-MLB baseball game?) best Luis Castillo impression. Unlike Castillo, McGehee has enough power to rectify that by hitting a Grand Slam off Brian Stokes.

For those who may have forgotten, a Grand Slam is a home run hit with the bases loaded. I know many of you haven’t seen that in a while, so a refresher might be needed.

The Mets made the score closer than the game really was by scoring 4 runs in the ninth, which included David Wright getting a hit off his latest skid. The oddest batting leader ever. Gary Sheffield tacked on 2 runs with a two run bomb in the ninth. He became the first met to reach double digits in home runs this year. Yeah, I’m holding back tears too.

David Wright: Strangest. Batting Leader. Ever

David Wright: Strangest. Batting Leader. Ever

Brewers manager Ken Macha had enough, called in Trevor Hoffman, who got Brian Schnieder (who drove in the first 2 runs with a long double) to ground into a double play on one pitch.

Johan Santana will be asked to stop the bleeding tonight. The Mets also will be waiting with baited breath as Beltran gets a 2nd opinion on his injured knee by renowned surgeon Dr. Steadman, who is best known for pioneering and performing microfracture surgery. Microfracture surgery is the surgery that Allan Houston and Jason Kidd, among others, took on their knees, with mixed results. Mets claim he’s not expected to need the surgery, but with the Mets history of understating injuries to the public, being nervous is understandable.

Omar, Jerry, Fred, and Jeff's recurring Nightmare - and ours too

Omar, Jerry, Fred, and Jeff's recurring Nightmare - and ours too

Sigh. At this point, you gotta wonder if the Mets are better off not dealing for help, and consider being sellers at the deadline. Write off the season as injury-plagued and come back next season stronger, healthier, and better. May not be the popular action, but it could be the right one.

It’s still early for that though. Keep in mind Mets were about the same record a year ago, and did come back to within one game of a playoff spot. For now though, that scenario looks less and less likely.



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