Hey MLB the Hats are Stupid!!

hatsNot for nothing, but does MLB merchandising have to try and capitalize on every friggin’ opportunity to make a dollar. I am a red-blooded American, but do we have to be pimped for every holiday possible? On a weekend where the Mets are pimpplaying the NL East rival Phillies, the last thing I want to see is a Mets player in a red hat. I’m sure the “corporate” bloggers of the world absolutely love the idea, but the small guys of the world, like myself, absolutely hate it. While we still have a voice, we will use it – It is stupid! Give me a break. It’s bad enough that we barely get to see our guys in the traditional blue caps, now I have to see green hats on St. Patrick’s Day, red hats for 4th of July weekend (instead of just the one day) – enough is enough.

Speaking of red – the Mets were shelled tonight 7-2. Livan stunk, the bullpen did not. The Mets hit, but not at the right time. It’s only one game – I mean that. Funny, the Phillies don’t play this solid against no other team, this year, but bring it up a level against the Mets. Utley is hitting 30 points below Wright, but you couldn’t convince me of that. It would have been nice to have Ollie for this series, but then again you never know which Perez would have shown up. Good to see the Mets not lie down like dogs. Interesting that Madsen was sent in with a 5 run lead after getting punked against the Braves last night. Finally, glad that Jerry did not save Frankie for this game!!

posted by Gene Anthony

29 responses to “Hey MLB the Hats are Stupid!!

  1. Really… the red hats were making me nuts. It’s enough to watch my team getting beat around, but to DRESS like the other side too???

  2. What is the difference if they drfess like the Phillies? Seventy games a year they dress like the Dodgers. Even this past Sunday, the only day they seem to wear Mets’ uniforms this year, they skipped it and went for the Dodger uniforms again. Must have been because of ESPN.

    By the Gene, I have those same exact thoughts. The Phillies make every play against one team. Or get every call (See Church’s first at bat last night). Add to it, they only team that makes the Phillies bullpen look like they are all hall of famers is the Mets…every other team in NL crushes this overrated bullpen of the Phillies… & was there any doubt that the Mets were going to make Lopez look like one as well? Watch how many roll over ground balls Moyer gets today, because they will all go up there and try to pull him.

    Finally, I know I am ranting at this point, but am I the only one that remembers how when “Teflon” Omar was hired that one of the first things he said at that press conference was how he needed to make the Mets younger and more athletic? How is that working out? The farm system has never been worse, and this has nothing to do with trading for Santana. And I do not even need to go into how they handle injuries do I? The only athlete they added was Beltran, and they were lucky the Yankees were not interested and Boras had no choice, and Beltran as tough as he is (I think he has often played hurt) misses 30 games a year. I’d go on, but my guess is at this point you guys are looking to cut me off from posting.

    Thank you to all who have fought for this country as we celebrate the 4th of July.

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  4. pfh64 – no, the comments are great – keep them coming. Regarding Omar, I guess it is like all the NYers that move to California and swear they will never change and a year later they are all caught up in bleaching their hair and drinking flavored coffee. Omar might be getting caught up in the “high” of NY and forget his original mission for the team. They were young at the base, but added a few vets and then the shit hit the fan. Thanks for the input.

  5. I was at the Phillies game last night and I hate the red hats. And I swear to you they brought up bad karma. You cannot wear the colors of your arch rival in baseball and win. After the fourth inning, when it was clear that the red hats were in control of our destiny last night, I left CBP.

    I hope that’s the end of the red hats this weekend …. and forever.

    (“Never throw a slider to The Glider.” – Ed Charles.)

  6. Gene, you mean things like being told fernando martinez has to play every day or go back to the minors? Of course, he is “hurt” now, which means six weeks to put him on the DL.

  7. Red hats = giving money to charity. That’s a bad thing? 162 regular season games. Wearing them on Memorial Day, 4th of July, and September 11 is so bad? Do you desperately need your team’s normals hats on all 162 games and only on 159 is a terribly awful thing?

    Giving money to charity is always a good thing.

    One might ask — well, why not just ditch the hats and just give anyway?

    To raise awareness. Again — a good thing.

  8. Aren’t the colors Red, White, and Blue. If they are going to do this, the teams should have an option to wear a certain color. The Phillies got to wear their normal red hats, why couldn’t the Mets wear their Blue hats and still be considered Patriotic.

  9. Amazing… today the PHILS are in blue hats. Can’t Fred & Jeff ever do anything against the grain? When Bud syas jump… they ask how high.

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  11. I understand the awareness part, but why then also the blue ALS chest patch as well as the helmet sticker? Does it have to be ALL THREE? Actually, I would have much preferred just the chest patch. MLB doesn’t need to help raise more money, they just need to give more of what the fans have already given them.

  12. To possibly put an end to illnesses that you wouldn’t wish upon your worst enemy, much less your own family member, raising MORE money is ALWAYS a good thing.

  13. well, at least they didn’t make all the MLB teams wear Yankee caps to recognize the famous speech.

  14. I can assure all that this post had nothing to do with down playing MLB part in charity work.

    The idiocy of the NY Mets to wear red hats is the point.

    They could have worn white, blue, whatever combo of red, white, blue.

    Mets fans cringe at the sight of red.

  15. Watching Baseball Tonight it was clear that the red didn’t look right on a whole bunch on teams. Someone may’ve already said this — MLB should’ve given a few color choices… and they could’ve instructed all the teams’ TV announcers to mention the hats during the broadcast.

  16. or just have Manny wear the hat- apparently, everyone is fascinated with his return~

  17. So many fans being happy about Manny means what? It’s telling of our society — half or more are willing to forgive him and welcome him and/or they simply don’t care about steroids. Who’s clean, who’s not? There are probably guys using something illegal RIGHT NOW but masking drugs hide it and we’ll never know.

  18. no one on the Mets that’s for sure. These guys lately couldn’t hit a HR if the plate was located on 2nd base.

  19. You stupid new yorkers. Hats have nothing to do with whether your team wins I’d not. It’s all about who plays better who hits better and which team has fewer errors. And yes all the hat compnlany is trying to do is make money GET OVER IT

  20. You represent Philly very well. Hate to say it, but Yes you root for a team that are the world champions. That said, if I were “all capping” the fact that my team were the champions, I wouldn’t have any other team name in the announcement. Funny though, philly players and fans all do that…..

  21. I can’t believe you would rant about MLB teams wearing Red, White, and Blue during the holidays that celebrate our nation! Baseball is America’s past time, so why in the world would you be so upset about baseball teams wearing Red, White, and Blue…you must support Obama’s socialist movement too!!! You are no way a Red Blooded American, because if you were you would support such a tribute!

  22. the Phillies sweep the Mets AGAIN — this time during the 4th in the cradle of liberty — fitting. Go Phillies!

  23. And the phillies do it again!!!! 22 to 1 victory over the reds. Take that mets fans!!!

  24. if this makes you feel better go for it. Karma is a bitch, but not sure how this win for the Phillies is related to the Mets…..

  25. “And the phillies do it again!!!! 22 to 1 victory over the reds. Take that mets fans!!!”

    Now that’s mature.

    P.S. every Phillies win (or loss) has something to do with the Mets. Even if they both win (or if they both loss) that still plays into where they are in the standings. Even if the Mets finish in 4th, every Phillies win (or loss preferably) is important in hoping Philly ends up at least one game worse than NY. In the end, if the playoffs are out of the picture, it could be worse if Philly has a better record.

  26. Prior to becoming a baseball fan in late 2008, Marianne, Wanted to let you know the Phils had a game akin to the one last night. Put them in a slump. Sure hope that doesn’t happen!!

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