Mets Swept, but at Least they are Sending Four to St. Louis (not really)

The Mets were pummeled this weekend, the one thing that really couldn’t happen. The Mets weren’t really “in” any of the games, the defense sucked, and the results were bad. If you are a fantasy fan, the Mets are sending David Wright, Carlos Beltran, Frankie Rodriguez, and Johan to St. Louis for the All-Star game.

wrightSpeaking of which, here is my one request. David, if you would like to atone for your 0-11 in Philly, and the double play with the bases drunk today, you’ll decline the all-star game to rest. I know Vitamin Water and the rest of the baseball fraternity (that you pat on the ass everytime they come to third base even though most try and bury your shortstop figuratively or literally on double plays) would blackball you, but do it for the good of the Mets, the real team you play for (not WBC U.S.A ).

Omar, it’s time to either make a move or conceed the season. Waiting for Reyes and Delgado might be unrealistic at this point since they have yet to perform baseball activities. Other teams put a guy on the DL for 15 days, and guess what, they are back in 15 days. Why doesn’t that happen for the Mets?

Finally, Philly fans – enjoy this weekend because you have yet to show the rest of the NL East that deserve 1st place. The Mets don’t deserve it, but don’t run around like you are dominating the NL – you were just swept by the Braves – Karma is a bitch remember that.

posted by Gene Anthony

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