A Sweep from a Distance

I have a confession to make.

That 3 game sweep by Philadelphia, the one which has talk show radio buzzing, the Mets Blogosphere blogging, and fans alike puking, that 3 game series.

Did not see a minute of it.

Now it’s not really that big of a deal. I tend to miss most Friday and Saturday games for religious reasons, but this time it was on purpose. I took a break from the Mets and hung around with some friends upstate.

I come back and I see errors, journeyman pitchers shutting the team out, and the Last Man Standing going 0-for-Philly.

And I smile.

I don’t smile because I’m happy they’re swept. I smile cause I enjoy the reactions. Everyone in a while I like anarchy and chaos. To quote George Carlin, I’m and entropy fan. And this is providing me so much entertainment.

You see, I like to look at things from opposing views. Before this series I asked myself, “If i was a Philly fan, what would I expect?” The answer was at least two out of three, but I’d be disappointed if there wasn’t a sweep.

Let’s look at this from a distance. Mets have injuries. They’ve had injuries so longer that now most fans are saying that’s just an excuse.

And your point? It’s a damn good excuse.

The Mets lineup doesn’t suck, despite popular opinion. It’s just filled with role players and prospects. It’s a team with a bunch of hitters who should be hitting 2nd, 7th or 8th in the lineup. I like Ryan Church, but if he’s batting higher than 6th it’s a major problem.

I’m supposed to be surprised that Wright has gone on streaks? If he gets 2 pitches to hit for power he’s lucky. There’s absolutely no reason why an opposing manager should give Wright a pitch to hit until the wounded come back.

Now let’s go back to the distance again. Separate yourself from the part of you that’s in pain over a season that seems to be scripted like an episode of ER. Now, when you reached that calm space I want you to ask yourself two questions.

The show changed cast members as often as the Mets change DL players

The show changed cast members as often as the Mets change DL players

1. If the roles were reversed between Philly and NY, how would you feel?

Think about this. Imagine the Phillies lost Howard (Delgado), Beltran (Ibanez), Rollins (Reyes), Ryan Madson (Putz), Moyer (Maine) and Blanton (Perez) for as much time as the Mets lost their collective players.

The 3 DL Amigos

The 3 DL Amigos

Don’t you think you’d be hearing this on WFAN:

“The Mets show again that they have NO KILLER INSTINCT. Look at Philly. They lost almost all their good players for the 1st half and the Mets can only gain 4 games on them? Are you kidding me? The Phillies are gonna get healthy again, and then the Mets will collapse again. Omar do something!”

Considering the Phillies lack of depth in the Rotation and the dearth of pitching in the trade market, I think the Phils may be positioning themselves for a second half struggle. A great offense can do a lot, but pitching is still what drives teams the most.

I know that fans have heard this so often that they no longer think it’s viable, but getting even 2 out of the 3 core members back is going to be a huge difference for this team, both offensively and defensively. A second half run is possible. The Mets pitching has been solid, and if it holds together there is no reason to think it can’t happen. It may not happen, but it still can happen.

(By the way, for those screaming for the Mets to sell at the deadline….who would they sell? Teams don’t want to take salaries, and the Mets best players are on the DL. Better to wait for the August 31st deadline to sell, since guys like Livan Hernandez will pass waivers anyway.)

I’ll end this post with the second question:

2. If the Phillies can come back from 7 games back with 3 weeks to play, why can’t the Mets come back from 4 games back with 3 months to play?

Thanks for reading. Thanks for Thinking.

Posted by Robert Z


2 responses to “A Sweep from a Distance

  1. I agree with you, but it’s just so disheartening to see such a shell of a team. It’s got to be disappointing for the players to not only lose an All Star team worth of guys, but to have this fantasy that they are about ready to come back and yet they never start rehab. We keep hearing about the All Star break, but who exactly is ready to be activated?

    It’s like Charlie Brown and the football…

  2. All i know is this: even if the mets don’t make the playoffs i just want omar not to make a deal for the sake of making a deal. that was the problem with phillips and duquette. none of them could handle the criticism or the long view.

    if the mets miss i’ll look at this season like the spurs injury-plagued season when david robinson went down and they drafted tim duncan. you get a year like this once a decade for most franchises. call it the (bob) murphy’s law season.

    i’d rather stick with omar, get this team retooled for next season, and lose out on this one than see him make a panic move for the chance of saving the season. i dont want a new gm who’ll just make wholesale changes to put “his stamp” on it and set the franchise back a few seasons. the best franchises stick with gm’s for long stretches (yanks, sox, cards, braves, etc) just once i’d like to see the mets stick with one gm and one strategy for 6-8 seasons. just once.

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