Omar Minaya’s Injury Update

Before today’s game against PED Manny & the Mighty Dodgers, Omar Minaya gave an injury update.

Minaya, whose first name is not Fire despite popular opinion, was not very specific regarding timetables, as usual.

Delgado is swinging off a tee and Omar is hoping for a return “around August 15th.”

Carlos Beltran is riding a stationary bike and working in the pool. Adam Rubin reports he won’t be re-evaluated until the All-Star Break.

Jose Reyes returned to NY for another cortisone shot. No word if he asked Manny for any pills to mask it. He will wait for that to take effect before trying again. Omar said Jose, who obviously relies on speed, still can’t accellerate. I.E. Your guess is as good as mine. For the record, John Heyman tweeted he can come back quick.

Part of me hopes Reyes is shut down rather than risk a more serious injury. Hamstrings tendons are tricky and Jose’s usefulness could be in jeopardy if they don’t play this right.

Maine threw off flat ground today. JJ Putz is rehabbing, but not throwing. I’m not quite sure how that works for a pitcher, but whatever.

F-Mart’s MRI showed swelling in his right knee which has since dissipated. He will be available tonight off the bench.

Billy Wagner is throwing to live hitters but Omar says we won’t see him until August or Early September. I hope if the Mets are out of it that they can get him on a big league mound a week or so before the August 31st deadline. I am sure someone will overpay for the closer if he passes waiver.

Aside from Wagner & Putz, Minaya expects all players to return before Delgado. “I’ll believe it when i see it” was heard being screamed along the 5 boroughs.

Finally, on the subject of trades, Minaya is either playing coy or has decided not to give away the future with the present so uncertain. If it’s the latter, I have to give him a smidgen of credit for not making a bad situation worse (See: Duquette, Kazmir, Zambrano, and Benson). Essentially if any trades are made it will be with an eye for this year and at least next. My guess is if the Mets make a move, it’ll be similar to the deals for Nady or Oliver Perez Livan Hernandez, where at least one player is under contract beyond this year.

In another words, hang in there Flushing Faithful, cause what you see is probably what you’ll get through July.

Posted by Robert Z


One response to “Omar Minaya’s Injury Update

  1. Robert, just for the uninformed, Mr. Minaya’s first name is TEFLON…nothing sticks to him. The younger and more athletic team he promised at his hiring, we are still waiting for…guess we should just approach it like the mets do with injured players. What’s next? I am surprised they have not tried to bring back Jesse Orosco to be a lefty specialist.

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