One Day At A Time

Funny fact: the Mets have the most All Stars of any team in the National League. Hysterical.

Don' worry man, everything's fine


Hello and welcome to Kiner’s Korner… I’ll be your host today, Nik Kolidas, filling in for myself. Our special guest today is Johnny Optimism.





Nik: Johnny, It’s been a long time since you’ve been on the show… how ‘ve you been?

Johnny O: Fine Nik, I’ve been doing a lot of fishing and helping a drug addict or two think they can fly… you know the usual.

Nik: Excellent. So, what’s new with our fine feathered Metropolitans?

Johnny O: A lot Nik! Well, first of all Olle Perez somehow made it out of the 3rd inning yesterday and the lineup remembered they’re not in tee ball.

Nik: Interesting. What else?

Johnny O: Well, Carlos Delgado took part in some baseball exercises yesterday and it seems actually possible for someone to get OFF the DL on this team.

Nik: OFF the DL? What’s that?

Johnny O: Glad you asked! It’s when a player is healed from an injury and is able to take part in team activities.

Nik; What’s involved in a player coming off the DL.

Johnny O: Nobody seems to know for sure, but a local GM has been quoted as saying “It’s safe to say a player might come of the DL after healing from a setback that never happened and eleven Cortizone shots”. I hope that clears it up!

Nik: Sure does Johnny! So, what else is new in Metsland?

Johnny O: Well, aside from a few wins in a row, the Phillies are a very average team and all the talk about the Mets getting buried is premature.

Nik: Fantastic! We’re almost out of time, do you have anything to plug?

Johnny O: I will be judging a dumb housewife contest on the Boomer & Carton show tomorrow and I have a new book coming out with the No fingers lady from SNY called “Thumbs Up! A guide to picking your nose with no fingers”.

Nik: Sounds great Johnny.. thank you for joining us!

Johnny O: My Pleasure Nik!

Hope you enjoyed the first interview ever on Kiner’s Korner. Check back often, because we just might have some surprises up out sleeves.

Some notes:

  • It was nice to see Olle throwing in the 90’s yesterday, but he was a pitch away from being down 5-0 in the 3rd.  I don’t know how you smile after 7 walks in 5 innings, but ok sure. Nice to have you back Olle…
  • The Mets had bases loaded in the bottom of the 5th and a run walked in, but the ump called Evans out on a pitch that was in New Jersey
  • One out, 1st and third for the Dodgers in the 6th and the ump gave a floating breaking pitch that was way too high a strike 3 on Orlando Hudson to make up for it the terrible call in the 5th.

He likes to take it easy


Manny Ramirez can hit, but I’m glad he’s not on this team. With him and Castillo on the same field the fans might get violent. What a terrible excuse for a baseball player. He can’t field, can’t run and makes absolutely no effort outside of swinging the stick. He reminds me of myself in college.  I wonder if he was ever late to a Sox game looking for street parking?

That opposite field shot in the 9th off Krod was some shot. It’s funny how he takes a shot to the seat both during and after games. How was that suspension working for ya big guy?

  • Murphy doubled twice! Ok, Jerry, this is the time to rest him right?
  • If Pedro signs with the Phillies I’m going to eat 2 pounds of Mexican food, let it sit for for two hours in my stomach and go find him.

Hey man, get off me!


Anyone catch Victorino’s hug in Philly yesterday? That was a little too long a lift hug between two guys. A lot of genital pressing… I though he was going to get to 3rd base.




  • The Mets weren’t wearing red hats… I guess that’s only reserved for Philly.

August ladies... I want you all back here by August.

I’m taking this day by day folks. I was mad as hell the last two days and after a decent win I’m a little more subdued. It reminds us that a team (even this one) is never as bad as they look in a slump. The team is 100% dependant on these players coming back and once August 15th hits… I want them all back here, healed or not. If you can walk.. grab a glove. If you can’t, don’t come back in April either. Forget a trade… I’d rather not screw up 2012 for a shot in hell this year. Give me Delgado, Reyes & Beltran with a month and a half left and I’ll take my chances against the shit hole that is the 2009 NL East.

Posted By Nik Kolidas


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