The DL Giveth, The DL Taketh Away

One day after the Mets finally got someone off that DL list, another one jumps right in. After Oliver Perez returned to DL to give the Mets the most improbable 5 inning 2 run performance vs a dominant offensive lineup you’ll ever see, Fernando Martinez jumped right into Oliver Perez’s vacated DL spot to take his place. He was placed with inflammation in his right knee.

No word what the timeline is yet for his return. Argenis (Pawtucket thinks I’m Jose) Reyes has rejoined the Mets.

Oh, and since Nik isn’t here to rant about this: Why is Jerry still sticking with Tatis? Against Randy Wolf Manuel has Tatis playing 1B. Daniel Murphy will not be in the lineup after his spectacular play at 1B and two doubles.

And if you’re going to mention the fact that Wolf is a lefty and Manuel wants to stack the deck with Righties, be aware Tatis is 2 for 28 against Wolf.

Hopefully I’ll laugh at this post after Tatis has a strong night, but regardless of performance this is one blogger who feels this is a very poor managerial decision. Manuel is reminding me of Willie when he was obsessed with getting Marlon Anderson going at any cost.

Manuel’s reason, per

Jerry Manuel was asked before the game why Tatis is starting over Murphy, and he explained that, because there is a left-handed pitcher tonight, followed by three right-handed starters before the break, he wanted to get Tatis a start tonight.

Manuel said he believes pitchers had adjusted to Murphy, and he’s now re-adusting to them, as he’s beginning to pull the ball again, which is a good sign.

Now I’d normally go ahead and accept that, but Manuel has pinch hit Tatis for Murphy every time there’s a lefty late. He is going to give Tatis a half-game at least sometime in the next 3 games. I just don’t buy it.

Posted by Robert Z


2 responses to “The DL Giveth, The DL Taketh Away

  1. Nik’s here and I shall rant now…

    Arrrrggggghhhhhhhhhhhh!!!! I want to send Manual on a 3 month vacation with his lover Fernando.

    Let the kid play!!!!

  2. I’m glad to see someone feels the same as I do. Why in the world would Jerry Manuel not put the same lineup out there that finally won a ball game??! I feel that is part of the problem – you have to stick with a group of guys (sorry if it doesn’t include Tatis – I liked him last year but he just isn’t producing this year) and let them play and gel together – he is definitely part of the problem!

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