Welcome to NY Frenchy, Pick a Number, and Bring McCann with You!!

\The Mets continued to slide tonight against the Reds, falling 3-0, never even posing an offensive threat at all. The Reds hit two HR’s and Wright threw away a ball on an easy out at home, while the Mets grounded out. Simple as that, a two sentence summary of nine innings of major league baseball – unbelievable.

mccannThe primary story of tonight is that the Mets made a move – Church for Francoeur. Church never really took to NY, despite my prior posts that he was a double-machine, while Jeff Francoeur simply wore out his welcome in Atlanta. Francoeur was benched by Bobby Cox and ultimately sent to Atlanta purgatory – New York. While I hated Jeff and his “horse-toothed” smile when he pummeled my team, I have to welcome him to the Mets. He is a very good outfielder and has pop when he isn’t striking out. Hopefully HoJo will ditch the crouch and let the kid fly. This guy did drive in 100 runs twice, something that Church never came close to. I like that Frenchy is five years younger than Church and, despite what Neyer from ESPN (who doesn’t know sh*t) writes, think this will work out well for the Mets.

My real concern is how Jeff will adapt to NY. He is a Georgia kid one hundred percent, but his football mentality is encouraging as this will certainly present him with a challenge. Hopefully he is quick out of the gate, and the fans embrace him (and his smile). What I really hope for frencyis that Jeff relays to Brian McCann how cool NY is, luring him to the Mets! I’m sure that Wright will take him under his wing.

numberI am wondering what number he’ll wear, since 7 is kind of taken (by Reyes). I thought he might take 10 to honor Chipper, but Gary has that one. Number 16 would be cool to remember McCann, but Pagan has that one. Here is my guess – 12, his football number, giving him that edge that he’ll need for life in New York. Give ‘em hell Jeff, I can’t believe this, but I am rooting for you kid.

The secondary story of the night is that my sister realized, despite the fact that I write for a living, that I can, in fact, write. She finally read the blog! Welcome aboard Cookie!!!

Posted by Gene Anthony

4 responses to “Welcome to NY Frenchy, Pick a Number, and Bring McCann with You!!

  1. I like it too, heck, any guy that can ruin “my birthday game” as he did a few seasons back is welcome on our team!

    He has a great arm and is not done at 25.

    Welcome to the NY Mets, Frenchy.

    Last time I want to hear about his teeth or smile, got that Gene?

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