And awaaaaaaay we go….

As Frankie Ghostbuster ended the virtual first half by slamming the door on the Reds potential heartbreaking comeback, I wondered what the next Benitez number should be.  Certain members of Kiner’s bullpen pleaded that he stay out of the panty closet while others wanted me to lock him in there.  What to do!?  In case it needs some explanation, the reason why “Armando the great” is featured in this way is payback for me pulling over on a dirt road in upstate NY in September 2001 to listen to the Mets “win” on WFAN.  It’s payback for watching the Mets “win” game 1 of the 2000 World Series.  It’s payback for the countless September phantom Met wins I sat to watch where the game was over and Mr. “I need to call my mom while soaking in a Milk Bath after each loss”  helped the other team create a “classic game” for their network.   Yeah, I’m, not over it.   Emily’s birthday is coming up, so perhaps he’ll have to jump out of a cake for her.

As long as baseball has taken a 3 day break from making me crazy, let’s sit back and examine a few things:

State of the Mets:

The same team that tripped into a freefall a few weeks ago is the same group that beat the Reds the last two games and delivered some optimism.  The reality is the team was never as bad as they were when we all had the runs.  If you looks at what’s left, there is still more payroll on the field than most other teams.  I refuse to accept anything less than .500 from the team on the field.

This is the kind of gritty player we need!

Frenchy: Anyone who wants Omar gone or ties his employment to Jerry’s needs to re-evaluate that concept.  To somehow grab the Braves’ version of David Wright (granted he hasn’t been that for 2 years) for a 30 year old dizzy average outfielder is a steal.  Remember, these are not the crafty Braves of old… this team has stunk for a few years now and certainly capable of being fleeced.   Most of their moves have backfired lately.  If you want Omar gone, I suggest you put your mind back to the way it was before he got here.

Take off the hats boys, you're not on the team.

Ownership: I’m rooting for a suspension like what happened in the Bronx so the team can get back on its feet.  Most of us have worked for impossible people at one point or another and I can just imagine what it’s like on the inside of Citi Field.  All the paranoia, lying to the press, budget restrictions & blind following of Bud Selig must be torture on a GM.   Do you think it’s Omar that won’t pay above slot in the draft?  Is it Omar who sent half the team to the WBC and ruined the season?  I heard in multiple places that the issue with the Mets medical situation is not the diagnosis, but rather the reactions to them.  Do you think Omar is sticking Church on a plane with a scrambled head or pressuring Reyes to blow out his hammy trying to push it too soon?  I’d put money on it being ownership.  Without Omar as a buffer, ownership will absolutely destroy this franchise.  They resent their own customer base, hate the brand and seem to be totally guessing at every pass.  I hope I live long enough to see the day this team changes hands and a real Met fan treats it like it should be treated. I wonder if Fred & Jeff can ever take their hands off the wheel and let experienced baseball men run this team completely (marketing on down).

Profile of a douchebag

Pedro: Go screw yourself Petey.  Seriously, I know how Boston felt now.  It seemed the entire time he was leaving Boston, the only place he wanted to go was the Yankees.  Now he wants to go to the Phillies… what a shocker!  The guy has no regard for his fan base and his legacy.  So what, he wants to come back and try to stop us from screwing up the Phillies September?   A Philly September meltdown with Pedro in the middle of it would be just great. It’s hard to believe he was my favorite Met for a brief time.  Move over Al Leiter, there’s a new dog in the house.

Changes to Citi Field:

Yeah yeah whatever.  Do me a favor Jeff… go to the park, peal the championship flags away from their view of the chop shops and put them where I can see them.  Do that, burn all the Dodgers’ Jerseys in the shops and we can talk.

*sings* I like Cheesey Poofs! We like Cheesey Poofs!

All Star Game: Did that happen yet?  I can’t get into it.  I watched a few old ones on the MLB network (I love that!) and spent some times thinking of ways this team can come back in the second half.  I liked the All Star game before interleague play, but I think you trade one for the other.  The novelty is gone and the fact that WS home field advantage is based on it is lunacy.  What I don’t understand is how everyone knows it’s a bad idea, but yet Bud is too stubborn to admit he’s wrong.  I wonder if his middle name is Wilpon?

Manny Acta:

Please god no.







I like what Fernando Tatis brings to the table


Jerry Manuel: If this season goes down in flames and Daniel Murphy’s plate appearances haven’t increased, I’d need an explanation.   I believe he’s forced to do a lot of things by ownership, so I don’t know what opinion is the educated one.  I’ll tell you what, him calling the Yankees the “marquee team in NY” and all the giggles didn’t win him any points on the Nik Meter. 

Sooo… I hear Bobby V is available.




Injured players:

I get the issue with Reye’s legs needing to be sound, but if Beltran needs surgery I’d like him to pinch hit until October and then have it.  I saw him make a diving catch on the bum knee before he went on the DL, so tell me he can’t swing the bat at least once a game?  Honestly, one AB a game is still 60 fewer Jeremy Reed at bats right?  By August, it’s all hands on deck.  Any of these DLed prima donnas who doesn’t come back in August, shouldn’t come back in April.

Doc Halladay

You know you can do it Omar.  You have the prospects.  You have 20 million in salary coming off the books next year.  C’mon Omar do it! Do it! Do it!  Block him from Philly!  All the papers said “Halladay wants to be a Yankee”, but if you read him from a non-Yankee asslicker perspective, he’s saying he wants to be a Met.  What team is in the NL and in NY?  I think Neice, Murphy and one of the really young studs (not Holt) can do it.  Think about it, not many teams can pay him.  We got Yohan with half that.

That’s all I’ve got for now.  Think 1973 and I’ll see ya in the second half!

You never know

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One response to “And awaaaaaaay we go….

  1. where do I start?? I think a Halladay Santana duo would be enough to trade any active position player not named Wright, Sheffield, or Cora.

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