Omar Injury Updates: F-mart out till September & Trades Coming? reported on Omar Minaya’s press conference updating on the injury status of the Mets lost stars and secondary players.

In short:

Reyes is “showing much improvement” and he may return this month.

Delgado is swinging off a tee at Port St. Lucie and fielding. Omar said for sure Delgado will not be back before the end of this month. Looks like early-mid August is most likely.

John Maine threw a simulated session and looked fine. He can face game situations in a week to 10 days. Omar says he may also be back this month.

Now for the bad news.

Beltran’s MRI is showing the same bone bruise, and he is not running or hitting off a tee. While Omar did not discount a return this month, he put his status as “uncertain.”

Fernando Martinez had an operation to repair torn cartilage in his knee. He’ll be out until September.

The interesting bit of news came at the end.

A reporter asked Minaya if today’s reports affected his approach to the trade deadline, but I’m not certain what Minaya meant by his response. He definitely mentioned that he had a plan, and that he spoke to five or six other GMs today, and that there has been more activity on the trade market as the deadline approaches.

Your guess is as good as mine.

Posted by Robert Z


2 responses to “Omar Injury Updates: F-mart out till September & Trades Coming?

  1. The Mets’ team strength and conditioning coach(es) should be SHOT —- in the leg.

  2. i think it’s like rubin said, there’s a problem somewhere in the hierarchy in communication. no one is listening to the trainers on injuries, i think.

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