maddorkNot for nothing, but enough is enough. I understand that Reyes dances and the Phillies piss themselves over it, but how many clubs have to take shots at the Mets before they just snap. As a fan, I am at that point. First, Hamels calls the Mets out as “chokers” and now of all people Greg Maddux – “Let’s beat the Mets tonight like the good old days” takes a swing at the Mets? Maddux couldn’t beat up my four year old niece, and he is talking shit? It’s funny, the Mets talked about the Dodgers in 1988 and that inspired them to kick the crap out of the Mets in the playoffs, yet the NL, for the last three years, has said way worse about the Mets and they just take it. Someone needs to get drilled in the neck – sorry, I’m just bitter at this point. I see the writing on the wall. As a fan I have never really rubbed it in the face of opponents, but I am reconsidering this position as I see the way that others have treated me.

So, let me get this straight, the Braves retire Waldo’s number (after the Cubs), while he gets his 300th win elsewhere. Glavine was also a mainstay, and he too had his 300th win somewhere else, only to be punked later by the Braves at the expense of Hansen. Smoltz, the trifecta, gets ignored at the end of his career, yet the Braves are a model organization that all these fools run back to? Hey Chipper, you are next bro! jones

bitterpillRegarding Omar and Jerry- fans are talking change, are you out of your minds? It’s not on them that 40 percent of the team is on the DL- I credit Omar for not hitting the Phillips’ panic button and trading away our chips. As I see it, and it is late enough to proclaim this, the season is over. Play it out, try to keep Wright healthy and move on. Beltran is not coming back anytime soon, Reyes is up in the air, and Delgado is middle August (at best). Deal with it folks, just one more thing we have to consider in the years to come, besides not holding a lead – will most of our guys be hurt (add Sheff to the list). BTW, as I have preached all season, we can thank the WBC for this!!!!!

Posted by Gene Anthony

3 responses to “METS PUMMELED IN ATL 11-0 on WALDO’s NIGHT and I’M BITTER (7/17/09)

  1. Next time the WBC rolls around… I’m going to organize a protest outside CitiField. I wait far too long for my baseball season to have ownership take it away from me to appease one guy in Milwaukee.

  2. I really hate Maddux…the little crybaby pissy pants. Hey Greg, under most circumstances I would have respected a pitcher like you, but like your manager in Atlanta, considering that you got more calls than a cell phone with unlimited minutes, SHUT THE F**K UP…I could have been a 300 game winner if I was constantly getting 8 inches on each side of the plate called strikes, and the otehr team had postage stamps to throw at. Lets not even get into the WBC.

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