Singin’ In The Rain

As Gene stated below, the water is spinning in the toilet of a season we’re having and yesterday I missed my first game of the year. I’m jealous of all of you who got to enjoy yesterdays most recent embarrassing display. Umm… You Gotta Believe!?


For me, I went to Citifield because for a change, the Mets had no chance of losing. Paul McCartney christened the new ballpark with a killer show in the rain and I was there with my rain poncho to take it all in. By the way, Jeff & Fred are not only crappy baseball men, but also no fun as neither of them chose to show up (friends of mine took their tickets).

Maybe they were afraid to get within striking distance of a Mets fan??? Lucky for me, I made it through the infield without pulling a hammy (Met doctors might have me in a full body cast for 3 months) and settled at my seats. About 20 minutes before show time, I snuck into the seats I had been eyeing in the front for the 2 previous hours and away we went.

It was a cool experience… we had a very uncomfortable Susan Sarandon & her husband to our right, Pierce 007 Bronsnon getting harassed by several intoxicated ladies a row in back and my old rock fest buddy Sid Bernstein doing his thing nearby. For a middle aged cat, Macca can still rock. Along with the staple McCartney human juke box stuff he normally plays at shows…. he also pulled Day Tripper & a Day In A Life out of his ass. Very nice work! Check out my facebook page for more photos.1

This wall is waaay too High1


Posted By Nik Kolidas


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