Where do we go from here?

Lets Go Mets Go!

On Saturday, the Mets took a one day break from the recurring nightmare and it seems that the only time we can count on that is once every five days. Without Johan, this team would be so far gone that they’d have a chance at the AAA title via falling out of the major leagues. Yesterday, I’m watching Fernando Nieve getting carted off the field in a glorified dump truck that looked like it was from 1959. The truck is rattling off the field and the camera is focused right on Fernando as his dazed head bounces back and forth. I just kept looking at that truck going further and further away and damned if it wasn’t microcosm of the whole season. Naturally, there was Jerry smiling as he’s walking back to the dugout. The icing on the cake was another steller performece by yours and my favorite…. Pete Falcone err…Randy Jones … no wait… Tim Redding.

Let’s all join together on this fine Monday morning for a nice round of “What the Hell?” What the hell is going on here? This is 1987 times 10. Rob Z pointed out that ESPN actually has Mets Injuries as a scrolling graphic now on their ticker. There are no words for something like this. Fred needs to get involved, figure out who needs to go (incuding his own kid if need be) and start making some buisness decisions here.

Say when!

So where do we go from here? Honestly, I believe more in what they shouldn’t do than what they should. There is nothing to sell off my fellow sad Met fans. The healthy vets aren’t worth what they’d bring back. I don’t want to trade Sheffield for some crap minor leaguer who’s be the 2011’s backup outfielder… I’d rather watch him hit for a couple more months. Same for Feliciano in the pen…we might need him down the road. Unless you’re going to fleece some team (see Mora for Mike Bordick, Issy for Billy Taylor), don’t start ripping things apart.

Omar, give me something to watch...


One thing I don’t get is why the team isn’t more focused on Roy Halladay. They have the prospects to get it done and more than enough money coming off the books next year. There’s simply not enough hitting talent on the roster or available next year to make a deep impact in the lineup, so why not go for the 1-2 punch? Just because they’re 8 games out right now, doesn’t mean you don’t improve. I know it would defiantly improve moral around here.

For what it’s worth, I do believe in miracles. I just would like to see a few players come back before I start believing in miracles at Citifield.

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