Mets beat Nats 6-2 as We All Go Down the Rabbit Hole

We had to ask where do we go from here, didn’t we? We had to ask.

The night was an eventful one around the Mets, with the exception of the game which despite the win had a ho-hum air about it.

Let’s get to the juicy stuff first.

Prior to the game a report from SI’s Jon Heyman, as well as other sources, said that Jeff “ME & BUD BFFs” Wilpon gave manager Jerry Manuel and GM Omar Minaya a vote of confidence: the jobs are safe and they will not be fired. No word yet if this was a regular vote of confidence or the dreaded vote of confidence that is a sign of changes after the season…………..or is there?

Next, prior to the game Jerry Manuel denied the report, saying he never got such a call.

During the game, SNY’s Kevin Burkhardt reported that Manuel and Jon Heyman had conflicting stories cause the vote of confidence came two weeks ago, and Manuel thought they were asking if he heard anything today.

But for all those Minaya & Manuel Mashers don’t fret. NY Daily News’ Adam Rubin says the Wilpons view may have shifted and that Minaya’s extension “would not be an impediment to jettisoning the GM after the season.”

Time will tell about what type of vote of confidence it is. To paraphrase Brian Griffin, “This is why the Wilpons shouldn’t vote. Until after the season. Now whose leg do I have to hump to get a dry Martini.”

Seriously. We only just begun digging down this hole.

The next story, also from the same Rubin article, is about your favorite VP of Player Personnel and Willie Randolph’s, Tony Bernazard. Apparently, several scouts sat behind home plate, to you know do their jobs and the Diamondbacks scout sat in Tony’s seat. An underling suggested to Tony that they should wait between innings to move. Mr. Bernazard then launched into a profanity-laced tirade to this underling, an Ivy League graduate in front of all these scouts.

The real problem with the minors

The real problem with the minors

As someone who once went through a profanity-laced tirade in middle of a large trade show and was in no position to respond back, my sympathy goes out to the unnamed underling. If you’re reading this, trust me, in the end people will respect you more for keeping your cool than for trying to defend yourself against that type of verbal assault.

For what it’s worth, this morning on WFAN Craig Carton of Boomer & Carton said he had confirmation of this incident from his own sources.



If this is true, it’s an unacceptable act by someone in a high position in the Mets front office and should not be tolerated. It’s unprofessional and embarassing to the organization. There’s nothing embarassing about having a bad season. It happens. And teams make mistakes building winners. There is every reason to be embarassed about employing someone who cannot act in a professional manner. It should not matter if this is the first incident that the seat was lost, or the 100th. You chew someone out privately. There is no need to embarass someone publicly to get the message across.

For the record, the same thing is true for ballplayers. I am not among those happy to see a manager yell at a player in front of everyone for mistakes, even for not running out of the box. Take him out of the game, and do it privately in the clubhouse. It doesn’t matter how much money he makes, he still is a human being and should be treated with respect. If he’s disrespectful to the manager or another player out in public, then all bets are off.

So are you ready for the game recap?

Well, you have to sit through one more off the field story.

According to Jon Heyman, the Mets rejected a deal for Roy Halladay that would send to the Jays Fernando Martinez, Bobby Parnell, Ruben Tejada and Jon Niese. I repeat, he reported the Mets rejected this deal.

Now I like Jon Heyman, and find he’s more often reliable than not. But this report just seems like it’s missing something. Forget the fact that Omar would look like an idiot to reject it. J.P. Ricciardi, the Jays GM, would look like an even BIGGER idiot to accept it. I find it very hard to believe that the above deal would be the best he could get.

Apparently, this may be fake after all. Keith Law of ESPN tweeted that the above rumor is bogus according to several sources. Why am I not surprised?

By the way, I thought the farm was supposed to be barren? Yet here’s a deal for one of the game’s best pitchers, that many thought would be fair, that did not include 3 of the 4 top prospects Brad Holt, Jennry Meija, and Wilmer Flores. Just further proof not to let yourself fall to far into the anti-Mets rhetoric that will be permeating throughout the local media for the next year.

And now the game recap:

Livan gave up 2 runs and 5 hits in seven innings as he outsmarted the Zimmerman-less nats again. The Mets scored 5 runs against rookie JD Martin, Murphy and Francoeur hit, including the 1st Mets homer for Frenchy.

What? Did you really care about the game after all the other stories? Apparently just because the Mets are out of it doesn’t mean that the fun will stop. So lighten up as we go down the rabbit hole!

The Iconic Mets Fan

The Iconic Mets Fan

Posted by Robert Z


One response to “Mets beat Nats 6-2 as We All Go Down the Rabbit Hole

  1. Z,

    So, you know as you move forward in life in the long run people will respect you more if you dont sit there and take any type of tirade. 1000% sure you answer back it will never happen again.

    Franchise is in major trouble. Almost Knick-like.

    On the morning of October 1, 2007 when the NY METS did not let every coach, manager who was involved with the “C” go, was a huge mistake.


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