….and More Tony

Omar Minaya said in a News Conference before the game that Tony Bernazard is going to be investigated for all the allegations stated below. Plus a new one making the rounds that Tony the Toughy got into a shouting match with K-rod prior to the All-Star Break. When asked by Mike Francessa during Manuel’s weekly show, Jerry asked not to be asked that question.

When Jerry asks not to talk, something is up.

So the fans are up in arms since Omar is doing due diligence. Let me just say while if all is true I hope Tony is fired, that I for one am happy there was not a quick trigger. Once a GM starts making moves based on media or fan reaction, that GM has moved from bad or incompetent to dangerous to the organization. Let’s see how this plays out.

Not like there are any exciting games going on right now.

Oh yeah, injury update. Cora’s out of the lineup, thumb may be reaggravated. Sheffield tried running today, will see how he feels tomorrow. I’m guessing the DL list will be dialed up to 11 by the weekend.

Update: Eddie Coleman is reporting that Tony got into a fight with Johan as well. Wonder if he was a roider?


Posted by Robert Z


2 responses to “….and More Tony

  1. Well, supposedly it was Bernazard that harrassed the one ball player that spoke up at a union meeting where the leaders were talking about how to get around steroids testing, and the Seattle player stood up and said were going to support steroid use? Supposedly it was Bernazard that led the shouting down of that player.


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