Tony Tony Tony….

Notes from yesterday:

  • John Lennon errr.. Lannon beat the Mets. This shouldn’t shock anyone. And the flush goes round and round….

Ok, now to the news I really want to talk about… Tony Bernazard. The owners of this team hate being embarrassed, except when it comers to this clown who gets to do whatever he wants at all time. In what another executive called an “All time” story, this maniac took his shirt off and tried to fight the entire Binghamton Mets team. Maybe he was just showing off his man boobs …we’ll never know. Anyhow, this idiot needs to be on the last train to Clarksville yesterday. What exactly does he bring to the table to warrant years worth of bad publicity?

  • Can I have more than 1 one day every 25 years where I’m not embarrassed to be a Mets fan?
  • Lastly, Omar, please don’t tease us with Roy Halladay if you’re not serious. I’m sure you must have an angle, but haven’t we been through enough?

Posted By Nik Kolidas


9 responses to “Tony Tony Tony….

  1. i’m starting to think bernazard leaked that fake story to jon heyman to try to hype up his farm system and it backfired royally. i dont think he realized how awful it’d make the mets and jays look.

    i trust heyman for the most part, but when EVERYONE ELSE jumps off the bandwagon instead of on, than it’s more likely fake. especially considering it would continue the “mets are incompetent” storylines they’re trying to run with. if the post doesn’t jump on a rumor, chances are it wasn’t true.

  2. When the Cardinals and Braves make trades, they just happen. No leaks, no rotoworld, no nothing. Christ, they even managed to keep the Frenchy/Church trade a secret (probably told Omar – look you leak this you toolbag and you aren’t getting a good rightfielder!).

  3. how often in general do in season trade rumors come true? no one saw the kazmir or benson deals coming in 04 either. offseason isa different story cause usually they gotta talk contract extensions

  4. Total Circus happening now…When the Yanks got Tex half hour before they stated “we have no interest in him”.

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