Omar Sat and Waited & Now it’s Too Late

omarAs I sit here and watch back ups for the back ups it’s just starting to sink in that this season is a wash. The sadness is quickly switched to anger as I think that Omar (who still could get dumped over this and Tony B issues) should have pulled the trigger on a move for offensive help. On July 3rd the Mets were two games under .500, but only 3 games out. That false sense of security spelled doom for our team, and as I retrospectively look at things I tend to blame Omar for not doing “something”. The Phillies got hot, the Mets dipped and the rest is history. This same sense of security may bite the Phils in the ass if they don’t move for a starter since they have enough to win the east, but not enough to advance in the playoffs. But then again what the hell do I know, I thought from day one that the Ibanez move was crazy!

posted by Gene Anthony

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