keith1Congrats to two guys that I actually have met for an autograph as a kid – Jim Rice and Rickey Henderson for making the Hall of Fame. Both these men were great players, different yet the same in many ways. Henderson was a first ballot, while Rice (because he didn’t kiss the ass of the writers) had to wait a while. Speaking of borderline HOF’s I have to post this – Keith Hernandez, like Tom Seaver, is ruining his image as a ballplayer for me as I listen to him announce. Enough is enough he is, hands down, the biggest egomaniac the announcing world has ever seen.

I can handle his “level swing” approach to hitting a baseball that is coheneasily becoming a college drinking game. He also has his mexisms (see because he f**ks up more than Hogan’s Goat (if you know what this means, I applaud you). That said, he talks down to the listeners and has managed to bring down the game of Gary (one of the better announcers around) in the process. Keith has many of the attributes of Tom Seaver, which cracks me up. Both guys were great players, but forget that announcing is a craft itself, little of which has to do with ever playing the game (some of the better astronomers have never gone into space). Keith continues to remind us that he played baseball, which is a total pain in the ass. I listened to Kiner as a kid and barely knew that he played, let alone that he was one of the greatest hitters of all time. Listen to Mex for 12 seconds and you know ALL of what he did. If you watch Seaver in the booth, watch closely as he will ignore Cohen, whose domain it really IS, while only looking at Darling and Hernandez, yet when they need help regarding a stat (or how to score a damn play), they lean on Cohen. Just once I would love to hear a guy like Gary say “you played thousands of game, you tell me”!

I listened to Hernandez today, in a condescending voice (you know, grace_hofthe “boys and girls” talk that he does, even though New York fans are among the most knowledgeable) tell us all not to do things like steroids that are against the law, yet hambone did coke and snitched on Stargell et al. in the 1980s (why leave out that detail). He also talked about never quitting on a game, yet he was drinking beer and making travel plans in the 6th game of the ’86 series while his team was battling their asses off on the field in perhaps the greatest comeback in world series history. This bitterness that I have, and I apologize as a Mets’ fan for this, makes me happy (in a perverted way) that he is not in the HOF or the all defense team- he would be friggin’ unbearable if so. Keith, my boy (and I mean boy) take a page from the Mark Grace book, you can listen to him (and enjoy the game, even as a visitor), never even knowing if he played MLB baseball, let alone had the most hits in the 1990s- a guy that idolized you.

Posted by Gene Anthony


  1. I am being traded to the NY Mets??

    WAAHHHHHHHHHBOOOOOOHOOOOOOO, with a shot of …..??!

    All I will say on this is kids, “keep your fannies tucked in” (who says fanny)?

    Aging sure is a biatch!

  2. I understand your points, but I disagree, I love listening to Keith, mostly because you NEVER know what he is going to say….train wreck city.

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