Holy hell has broken loose at Citi Field… hide the kids!

You can't separate them

You’ve got to be fucking kidding me Omar.  Ladies and gents, this front office has officially joined hands with their Billy Martin/ Boss AL ancestors and pranced off into a place where books are written and stories are born.  

I read about this stuff today while working and wanted to reserve judgment until I actually saw the clip.  People on ESPN and WFAN were trying to insinuate that Jeff forced Omar to make a fool of himself and I wanted to look at his body language and eyes before putting down my own thoughts.





Here it is to reacquaint yourself.


Verdict:  By Omar’s body language, he’s telling me he was forced to fire Tony and was angry at Adam Rubin instead of being angry at the man who actually committed the indiscretions.  It’s like cursing the step you stubbed your toe on.  What idiot walked into the step to begin with?

Yo Adam! Look out for Tony Two Toes! He's looking fo ya'

What I watched was a premeditated attack on a sportswriter in retaliation for knocking off one of his buddies.  Hey Jeff & Omar… this isn’t the fucking mafia you stupid fools.   The on-field team wouldn’t run over a catcher if Jessica Alba was catching, but Omar will run over a sportswriter for picking on a “teammate”.

How insane is it that Omar had time to plan FOR A SECOND PRESS CONFRENCE IN A ROW and came up with this brilliant bundle of words?  For god sake hire the man a writer if he can read English and fine him for every word of his own he utters.  What the hell was he thinking?   How do you say that out loud???   If Omar thinks a woman has a nice ass, does he go up to her and ask to grab it?  His verbal filter is pushed so far up his ass it’s coming out his ears.

Also, where is his grubby little sidekick during all this?  He needs to put on his diaper and step up to take responsibility over the mess he’s 100% involved in.  Jeff Wilpon… you do speak don’t you?

A fly on the wall in Citifield just e-mailed me this conversation between Fred & Jeff:

The Mets family in happier times

Fred:  Jeffery, what is going on here?

Jeff: Dad-dy, the mean Puerto Rican man got sent home by the other mean Puerto Rican man.

Fred:  Did Omar fire Tony?

Jeff: It was awful Dad-dy!  The mean man had his shirt off and the other man was saying all these mean things I didn’t understand.

Fred: In Spanish?

Jeff: It was like when our housekeepers fight.

Fred: That’s Spanish son. *takes Jeffy into his arms and give him his teddy* There There Jeffy, it’s ok…

Jeff: But Dad-dy it was so scary!  And… and …. The one guy said he wanted me to talk to the bad men with the cameras…

Fred:   I told you never talk to them!

Jeff: I didn’t! I didn’t! I Promise Dad-dy!

Fred: Good son… I know you didn’t

Jeff: Dad-dy will it be ok?  The bad men with the cameras said all sorts of bad things about me and your driver has been giving me dirty looks.

Fred:   Son, he’s the manager.  Please don’t say that to anyone.

Jeff: Dad-dy, is he the same nice man from the rootoonda?

Fred:   Son.. it’s called a RoTUNDA and no, that man died a long time ago

Jeff: Did the mean Puerto Rican Man kill him?

Fred: Tony didn’t kill Jackie Robinson, Jeffrey.  Now get ready for bed.

Jeff: Dad-dy will you read me a story first?

Fred: Sure son, as soon as I make a phone call to your Uncle Mikey on the radio.  I’ve got to do some grown up things.

Jeff: You’re the best Dad-dy.

Fred: Sweet dreams my little Dodger!

Fred is going to be doing damage control on WFAN in the next week with the “one ton ego”, mark my words.  He HAS to because his investment is a total and complete joke from the neck up.

Since the team is worth more than some small countries, maybe it’s time to act like a country and even get a seat in the UN. No wait…. Even better, let’s have a space program so we can send half the roster to Mars.


As far as Omar… I don’t know what to think.  I don’t hate his moves as GM, but his direct contact with the media must end today.  Over. Done.  Seeya!  Get a press secretary like our coked up ex President and go from there.  MLB teams shouldn’t need a press secretary, but there is no other way to keep Omar around and this team is covered like CNN covers the White House so what the hell right?






This was only funny because it went with winning


Man, I’d love a 78’ Yankee ending to this year so when the book comes out people think this is all cool.   Right now, it’s embarrassing to be a Mets fan.


Posted By Nik Kolidas


5 responses to “Holy hell has broken loose at Citi Field… hide the kids!

  1. This is the reason that small market players crap themselves when they come to NY. You think Cerrone has the freedom to talk like this? Now that Rubin got cornered everyone will be watching their words.

  2. Omar is Dominican.

    The Mets created yet another Cluster***K.

    A Press Release would have sufficed.

    I guess they thought that would appease some for the product they field.

    The embarrassment issue, I dont get that part.

    Especially days like this under a business suit I have on a Mets shirt. Not sure how thrilled my boss is.

    Team is like an idiot brother love them no matter what.

  3. Ah, I see now.. sorry, Nik.

    I just want the circus to leave town and maybe maybe maybe see some better baseball.!

  4. I hear you loud and clear. I can’t wait or the players to come back and we can focus on some on field damage…

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