Tony Bernazard Fired – The Right Way

According to the NY Post’s Joel Sherman, Omar Minaya will announce at a 3:30 Press Conference that Tony Bernazard has been fired. It will be the most public firing of a VP of Player Personnel in the History of Professional Sports.

I have to give the Mets credit for doing this in what I would consider the right way. They did not bow to public pressure from the fans and media, but took the time to make a decision by checking all the stats. As much as I respect many of the media, especially Adam Rubin who has been on top of this from the start, there are always multiple sides of the story.

This does not excuse Omar or the Wilpons for allowing Bernazard to act in an unprofessional way this long, and for the neglect of the farm system. However, once a franchise shows that they are under the media or fan’s whim, it’s over.

Now, let’s put a bow on this story, tomorrow we’ll see endless articles how the Mets took too long to fire this guy, and move on to the deadline.

No more shirt strippings for Tony as a Met

No more shirt strippings for Tony as a Met

Posted by Robert Z


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