Tony Bernazard Fired – The Wrong Way

Omar Minaya just accused Adam Rubin of spreading the stories about Tony Bernazard cause he wanted a position in player development.

Omar just pulled a Plaxico and shot himself in the foot.

In what can only be described as surreal, Omar Minaya and Daily News Reporter Adam Rubin had a verbal spar in the middle of the press conference. Rubin called Omar Dispicable and I can’t say I blame him. More on this story tonight.

You're Dithpicable!

You're Dithpicable!

Posted by Robert Z


3 responses to “Tony Bernazard Fired – The Wrong Way

  1. Good for Omar- writers get to print whatever the hell they want. Omar is a GM of a baseball team, not a police chief or mayor, let him vent. Drag him out back Omar and knock the snot out of him!!!!

  2. I have to disagree Gene. While I believe the two should both get to say what they want, it really needs to be kept truthful without bordering on hurt or slander (or is it libel?). if someone says something wrong about you, defend yourself. but dont’ start throwing things out there because you look bad, because it just makes you look even worse.

    Robert’s post is right – the Mets botched this one. At the very least, if you’re going to pin this one Adam Rubin, or any reporter, you don’t do it in the same press conference/gathering that you’re using to fire someone who’s become a great distraction to the franchise.

  3. Omar, like most baseball people, is extremely loyal to his guys. I get your point, but reporters are slimy for sure.

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