Bill Evans’ “Get to the Game” Forecast – Week of July 27th

New York’s favorite weatherman, Bill Evans from WABC, has once again provided us with his “Kiner’s Korner -Get to the Game” forecast! If you plan on attending a game this week at Citifield, be sure to read Bill’s forecast before you go!
Wow!!!! Real Deal Red Hot Baseball Weather is On the Way!!!!!!

The Hot Dogs will be Hotter Alright! We are looking at very humid, sticky, warm, muggy (get the idea yet???) even hot weather as we go through the week.
Take your appendix out and replace it with central air! You will need to drink lots of water or your favorite sports drink – not too many beers or caffeine, as that will dehydrate you at the game. Wear loose fitting, light colored clothing, hats and sunscreen for the afternoon games.

The weather today through Sunday is sunny, warm and muggy, with a thunderstorm possible each afternoon. The real threat will be tomorrow (Wednesday) when we could get some flooding tropical rain. Take your rain gear to the game!

Highs will be in the upper 80s with reel feels in the mid-90s. Night time game time temps will be starting around 85 with high humidity. The temps will drop off into the upper 70s during the game, but the humidity will remain.

Have fun, be safe and stay cool and dry!

And be sure to check out Bill’s new book “Frozen Fire” at a bookstore near you!! frozen-fire-bill-evans

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