Don’t Look Now….

Well, being in first the last 3 years didn’t work, let’s try being way behind this time and see how that goes.

Avert your eyes away from the dancing fools for a moment and you’ll realize that the team is just six and a half games in back of the wild card with 2 months to play. Hats off to the “double play machine” who turned back the clock and did what he does best… pinch hit grand slams.

Enjoy Ryan Church guys

Reyes & Putz have both said they’re about a week away, Wagner is about a week away… Delgado might be here in 10 days or so. Who knows.. the next chapter in this book might be the best one. If we somehow pull this one off, the entire fan base will have to send Atlanta a Thank You Card for gift wrapping Jeff Francoeur for us. What were they thinking?

By the way, Omar’s statement after the fact yesterday was really hard to watch. It’s hard to believe that the two guys who spoke are running an organization worth a billion dollars. It’s all about who you know isn’t it? I felt sorry for Adam Rubin seeing him on SNY later in the evening. The guy seems really scared he might be removed from his big break position. Omar is really a jerk for doing what he did.

Posted By Nik Kolidas

One response to “Don’t Look Now….

  1. For an amateur punk, you run a fairly good fan-based only, with no real personal/intimate/sexual connection to any of the staff or players of the Mets. Keep up the good work kid.

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