Would you like The Mets to Shoot Now or Wait till ’10?

Victor Martinez. Roy Halladay. Carl Crawford. Scott Kazmir.

Jenry Meija. Ike Davis. Brad Holt. John Niese. Fernando Martinez. Wilmer Flores.

The Mets have an interesting dillema today. They’re close enough to make a run for the Wild Card, but too far back to make a run for the division (unless the Phils pull an ’07-’08 Mets). They’ve got potentially 4 All-Star caliber players coming back in August, but none of them are likely to be at 100%.

And they’ve got a GM with a very uncertain status.

What is also interesting is the Mets bereft farm is showing signs of life. John Neise, depite giving up 4 runs in the Mets 4-2 loss yesterday, has made strides this year, adding a new cutter to his repertoire. Several of the Mets top prospects have made strides. It’s possible that most of them will have an impact in 2010, and in the case of Holt and Davis, an outside chance of making the September roster.

And there are some enticing options possibly available right now.

With that said, I am hoping for a quiet deadline for the Mets today. If Omar pulls off a minor deal, that’s great. However, this season reminds me of 2004 too much, where the Mets made a run before the deadline to push Duquette, who knew his job status was tenuous at best, to make 2 bad deals on Black Friday which the Mets still feel the ramifications of.

Perhaps the Mets may miss out on Roy Halladay or Victor Martinez, but every offseason there is always an enexpected group of stars dealt. Better to save the bullets in the offseason. The Mets prospects will seem better with new reports, teams can take their times on deals, and the Mets GM position will be more stable. Even if Omar stays, the fact he was not fired will make it less likely he’ll make a rash decision in an offseason deal.

Sometimes the best move to make is no move. With the chances of the Mets making the postseason slim, this year might be the best time to employ that strategy. Or else the bill will be quite painful indeed.

Posted by Robert Z

One response to “Would you like The Mets to Shoot Now or Wait till ’10?

  1. If even one of “our” guys comes back will be better than anything that we could get this day.

    Put the gun away Omar.

    Roll the dice same as always.

    Keep what the future is.

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