Looks like Reyes is Done for 2009

According to Kevin Burkhardt of SNY & David Lennon of Newsday, Jose Reyes is back in NY as his discomfort in his leg is still there. Both imply that he’ll probably be shut down for the remainder of the 2009 season.

Jose Reyes is probably the best example of the ineptness of either the training or medical staff this year, or management for how they handle injuries. He hurt himself in May, was kept on the roster for several days, finally was DL’d, then while rushing his rehab back about 2 weeks later hurt his hamstring compensating.

At least this season might make Mets fans appreciate him more, as we’ve seen how much the Mets missed his explosiveness at the top of the lineup (especially when Pagan was out), his daily enthusiastic approach to the game, and above all, his defense.

I for one am very disappointed cause from a purely entertainment standpoint, and that is what sports is all about, Jose Reyes is my favorite current Met. In a bad season he’s the type of player you still tune in for. I feel cheated that we only had Reyes for 36 games, the lowest total of his career.

With that said, the best thing to do is do whatever they can to fix him up, rest him up, and get him healthy for 2010. Do what you can to strengthen those legs Jose. If 2009 showed us anything, it’s that the Mets need them.

Bye Jose

Bye Jose

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