A Tale of Two Citis vs. St. Louis

Alright everybody, let’s all just take a deep breath. There’s not much else we can do this season but laugh. Just when the Mets get our hopes up, they find new ways to let us down. And vice versa. It’s a real Tale of Two Citis…..

Tuesday 8/4: Pujolus Blasts Cards to a 12-7 win in the 10th

After 8 so-so innings pitched by Santana, the bullpen, who’d been so good as of late, came in and lost the game for the Mets. K-Rod blew a save, and the pen gave up 5 runs in the 10th – 4 of which were on a grand slam by the mighty Pujols. We’re thinking about taking away a number on our Benitez Meter, it was that bad. The game looked like it was ours but as us Mets fans know, nothing is a given.

Except, of course….injuries. Tuesday night saw a new type of off-field injury, when Castillo fell down the dugout steps and sprained his ankle. You can watch the clip below….a total America’s Funniest Home Videos blooper moment.

saget What Would Bob Saget Say?

I hear they're installing these in the dugouts now

I hear they're installing these in the dugouts now

It was a truly disappointing evening on many levels.

Wednesday: Mets Decide to Win One, 9-0

A day after a pathetic loss, the Mets turn around a deliver a 9-0 shutout and limit the Cards to just 6 hits. Not before, though, they lose yet ANOTHER player to injury. Oh wait, did I say player? I meant playerS.

Jonathan Niese left the game in the 2nd inning, after tearing his hamstring on a play covering first base. Nelson Figueora came in to pitch 4 1/3 innings and redeemed himself with a fine performance on the mound….and a 2-run triple to boot. Parnell pitched 3 innings, earning his first save and a potential spot in the rotation. Word came that Niese is out for the season and will have surgery on his torn hamstring.

Gary Sheffield, only a few days off the DL, aggravated his hamstring and had to come out of the game in the 6th. He doesn’t think it’s serious, but boy, have we heard that before! And of course, Castillo was out of the game today with his sprained ankle.

Maybe the Mets should try Dr. Tinycat?

Maybe the Mets should try Dr. Tinycat?

So, where do we go from here? I’m afraid these Mets will continue thier bi-polar season right on through September. Last week my eyes were on the Wild Card standings. But after this week, my eyes are (cautiously) on 2010.

Maybe there really is crying in baseball!

A 2010 prospect, perhaps? Why not?!

Posted by Emily Doran


2 responses to “A Tale of Two Citis vs. St. Louis

  1. Hello

    I am a reader of your blog daily and you actually inspired me to do my own blog. I linked to your blog and I was wondering if you can link back to me. I would be honored. Either way, I will keep my link to you guys as I am a fan, first and foremost. Hopefully, you will not take it too seriously, as I am trying to make it as funny as I can, while still telling the true story… almost!
    75% True…100% of the Time

    This is a blog by Michael DiCicco, a lifelong Mets fan, who has taken to the web to talk about the Mets…obviously. This blog is about my struggles, my strenuous or violent efforts in the face of difficulties or opposition, being a Mets fan. Hopefully you find it almost factually accurate, and a little bit funny.

    Thanks Alot,

    Mike DiCicco

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