And the walls…are crumblin’ crumblin’

I’m not sure what to say.  It’s my turn to post an update and honestly I’ve got nothing left for this team.  It’s hard to be enthusiastic when the team itself has given up on us.  I understand the injuries, the luck and the bad choices in spring training, but other teams fight through it.  Perhaps a point can be made that backups are exposed when they play too often, but how is lack of talent connected to fundamental baseball?  Why are they so absent minded and sloppy?    As the days tick by and the losses pile up, the fans grow indifferent.  It didn’t have to be this way.

If you remove yourself from the outrageous amount of impact players sent away to the WBC (all of which had ruined seasons) and put yourself back in June when the team had the chance to stick with Philly, you’ll see a fan base begging for the obvious and a front office frozen in its tracks.  They were petrified of change with a boner for the status quo.   No matter if it was Omar, Jeff or the Easter Bunny… nothing was done to give this team stability when it most needed it.  Reyes & company were never coming back and they knew it.  Hell, as much as we didn’t want to believe it, we all knew it.  We joked about it in a half horrified way.  Who hasn’t said “”I bet we see Wagner first” all the way back in June?   The front office was so afraid of making another Kazmir deal that it didn’t pull the trigger at all on anything and let the season deteriorate into what it is today.  Frankie was good idea, but it was too little too late.

I’m not giving up, because I love watching baseball.  I wait all year for these six months and as much as I’m enraged that these overpaid circus performers want to take away my fun… I’m not going to give in to it.  I’m going to watch and pretend there is something happening in Flushing.  I’ll check out the September call ups, maybe enjoy some Holt fastballs and then come November I hope that whole damn bunch of them are out on their asses.  Yes, Jerry…even you so long as Bobby V comes in.  If it’s not Valentine, then I guess the Wilpons will do what they do best and hire an inexperienced dry piece of toast.

I love how management is thinking of moving John Ricco in to the GM chair and bumping Omar into scouting or something like it.  This team never brings in fresh blood and I guarantee a Ricco/ Omar tandem is a bad idea just based on Ricco not having been a GM before.  What will it take for Fred to take the team away from Jeff and hire outside proven baseball people to fix this mess?   Can John Ricco cut his teeth somewhere else please? 

Very soon, I’m going to tick up the Benitez Meter a click based on the Johan game, but considering the week Krod has had, it’s going to be a lukewarm click.  Any suggestions for Armando’s next big adventure?


Posted By Nik Kolidas

3 responses to “And the walls…are crumblin’ crumblin’

  1. how about the OJ Simpson character from naked gun where he is getting his ass kicked….ala our 40 man roster

  2. Benitez as homer falling off Springfield gorge, specifically the spot when he hits his head on the cliff.

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