wright9It was nice to see the Mets “walk off” today, beating the Giants 3-2. It’s cool being the spoiler and playing loose, as we saw way too much of this from other teams the last two seasons. I have to admit though it is tough to get overly excited as the “face” of the franchise was knocked on his ass yesterday. The news wasn’t much better today….Even though it was not intentional, per the Giants, this is the second time in the last couple of weeks that David was flipped. This team has no identity. They have, when healthy, a contending team, but it seems like the rest of baseball sees the Mets as a soft team- NOT GOOD. It makes me think – what would the ’86 Mets do in that situation? mets_fight

Regardless of whom puts on a uniform for the Mets this year, at some point they need to grab an identity. By that I mean – show the rest of the league that they are not going to take any more shit. In baseball circles this is usually accomplished by a good old fashion basebrawl. This is more than hitting one of our guys, it’s about diving over the plate and talking publicly about the Mets (didn’t Cone do the same thing with the Dodgers and it somehow propelled them to beat the Mets?). Jerry claimed to be a gangster, but it doesn’t seem like any Sugar_Hill_Ganggang that I have heard of – maybe he’s a member of the the Sugar Hill Gang!!!

Regarding DWright, I love the guy, he plays hard and he is a gamer. That said, I have had enough with his friendly attitude, patting every MLB player on the ass when they come to third. Why doesn’t anyone pat the Mets on the ass when they get to third? Do the Braves or Phillies do that? I don’t think so. David- it’s not your job to be the embassador for the game, especially since no one is crying for the Mets this year (or any of the last three years). The one young guy that might help in this area is Frenchy – I like this S.O.B. – I hated him and his horse teeth when he was a Brave, but I was wrong about him. I can see him knocking someone on their ass (and driving in 100 runs with a full lineup). H e was genuinely excited to score the game winning run today, and for that reason alone people should continue to go to Citi!

Posted by Gene Anthony


  1. I with you on Frenchy… I still have no idea how Omar traded Ryan Comatose for that guy and managed to get cash back too.

    As far as the team, Jerry can say “Gangsta” as much as he likes, but I don’t see a gang either. Hell, I see a country club which is kind of the Wilpons style isn’t it? They hated that 86 team for years…

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