“Omar and Jerry must step up”

What a crock of shit.  If I’ve learned anything in life it’s that actions speak louder than words.  What have they BEEN doing so far?  He is “demanding better and excepting better”… how do you expect better from the same product and demand better from the same people? When I bite into an apple… I taste apple each and every time.

 Jeff said the Mets will have “ONE OF THE highest payrolls in baseball”.  As a NYC franchise with a new ballpark, I expect them to be the SECOND HIGHEST payroll across the board.  He also takes responsibility for the lack of communication regarding injuries to the media.  Who gives a rat’s ass what the media knows?  I’m only concerned about the amount of time players spend on the field.  Basically the same muscles and docs are coming back next year.  Also, the LAST thing this team needs is more Jeff Wilpon being involved.  This team will never get it. The same mushy rhetoric we hear each winter was delivered with contrived passion. Jeff will never understand that we don’t need to hear that he’s hurt by this year… we want to SEE how hurt he is through actions and see that he’s learned from the experience. Blind faith that the odds won’t strike again is his answer.


How do you retain the same core staff after the team gave up?  They clearly weren’t able to lead the team to a respectable finish after devastating injuries.  Really… protect Hojo and let each and every one of them (Omar included) go. Also, slick bringing back Backman, but is that a bone that they thing will keep the fans happy? I guess he’ll coach Gerald Williams in AAA?

So far not so good.  I hope to see something unexpected this winter or it’s going to be forever Groundhog Day in Flushing.  Jeff gave a very weak “maybe” when he talked about free agent signings.

By the way… for those of you who watched the SNY broadcast, how much of a kiss ass is  Bobby Ojeda and his sidekick?  Chris Carlin did have some balls to ask Wilpon if he’s letting Jerry & Omar of the hook by merely reshuffling the deck and Jeff said they’re “on the hook”  What does that mean Mr. Wilpon? They weren’t on any hooks at 90 losses? If not, what does this “hook” amount to? 


Posted By Nik Kolidas


One response to ““Omar and Jerry must step up”

  1. Backman an “86 love” move for sure to calm the fans…Bobby O IMO looking for a job with the mets which I dont think would be such a bad idea…The rest of the nothing moves today add to my disappointment.

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