Mets Announce Coaching Comings & Goings: Jerry Stays – Backman Back?!?

The Mets, learning possibly from past mistakes when they let the coaches and managers hang in the wind too long, announced who is staying and going in Jerry’s staff. While not announcing Jerry saying too bluntly, by using the term “Jerry’s staff” it is safe to assume he’s going to have a chance to prove that this year’s faults can be corrected. This is per

Jerry Manuel, Hojo, and surprisingly Dan Warthen and Razor Shines have been retained. Razor Shines though will probably be reassigned away from 3B, possibly to 1B coach or bench coach. Sandy Alomar Sr. and Luis Alicea will not be returning. I for one wonder if Sandy Alomar Sr. is retiring, and not fired, since the Mets announced that his son Sandy Alomar Jr and Razor Shines will be reassigned.

I cannot say I’m happy about these moves, although it is interesting that Alomar, one of the holdovers of the Willie Randolph regime, is now gone. The Mets fielding and baserunning woes went beyond injuries, and Jerry and Razor Shines are keys to those areas. The Mets also led the league in walks by a wide margin, which falls on Warthen. This is not a way to indicate to the fan base that corrections are being made, and the only way to prove otherwise won’t be accomplished until 2010. Hopefully that’s not too late.

Update: John Heyman of SI tweets that Wally Backman will be returning to the Mets to manage in the minors. The former 86’er was a coaching candidate before he lied on his resume and has had numerous off the field incidents, but is regarded as a strong coaching mind and a fiery manager in the Billy Martin mold. If true that Backman road to recovery will run through the minors look for reports that he may be Manuel’s replacement should the Mets falter next year early.

Posted by Robert Z


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