Game 6 and more!

As you’ve noticed, Kiner’s Korner has been lagging in posts due to the mental disability caused by this hemorrhoid of a postseason.  Unless we get an early holiday gift from the Angles, our two biggest rivals will be meeting in the series to decide who’s going to rub our noses in crap next year.  Gee; I can’t wait to find out who it’s going to be??  

It brings me back to where I was 23 years ago today as Metsblog helpfully reminded me today.   It was the last time Yankee fans felt exactly the same way we do right now. I was between the 3rd base coach and Rich Gedman in the lower boxes thanks to my father’s wad of $20 bills and Shea’s old lax policies toward paying your way to a great seat.  We almost walked out to “beat the traffic” at out number two, but thank goodness I refused to leave.  I remember crying as a kid and telling him “it’s not over”.  I guess sometimes in life you’re right.

Do you REALLY want to come in this game?

haha... the 80's

Thinking back on it; it reminds me of how much fun it can be to be a Mets fan.  Lately, we’re so caught up with our distaste for the atmosphere around the team that we forget what summers at Shea used to feel like.  We’re Met fans because we don’t like it easy and sometimes it ain’t easy.

Best day ever!


Odds and ends

There are a bunch of things I’ve wanted to give my 2 cents on the last few weeks and my soap box finally got fixed.

Aroldis Chapman – Ok, so logic dictates you don’t spend 60 million dollars on an unproven pitcher when you have a thousand needs on your team.  That being said, our buddies in Queens never outbid anyone on a player other teams want and maybe this is the time we show the baseball world who their daddy is.   Sometimes a team needs to make a statement that’s larger than the actual player and this is possibly it.  If the fan base knows there’s this phenom coming up, it’ll help energize us and give the team some good press for a change.  It’s a little illogical from a roster perspective, but I say nail this guy fast and start stepping on the Yankee’s parade.  It’s not my money to spend, but in a way it is.    If Chapman is pitching, I might go to Citi and watch it.

John Lackey – I think it’s insane to give John Lackey all that money when you have the prospects to trade for Roy Halladay if you really wanted to.  If Lackey wants to sign for something modest, then great, but to overpay for a #2 starter who takes a month off every year is unsettling.  I’d sell Mr. Met himself to get Halladay. 



Matt Holliday  Prince Fielder?  I’m sorry; I thought you said Prince Fielder.  Ok, we don’t have the ability to get both Fielder and Halladay, so assuming that can’t be done, this isn’t a terrible option.  A lot of people thought mark Teixeira & Beltran would be terrible in NY and both those thoughts were misguided.  That being said, Fielder would be a hero here and if the Wilpons really wanted to step up, they’d find a way get us one of those two players and then buy the 2nd best version of the other.

Backman &  The Teufel Shuffle Welcome back boys!  It’s funny how even 23 years later the Mets still can’t help but pin them against each other.  Somewhere, Davey is smiling. John Stearns being back is actually what makes me the happiest as I’d love to see him manage the team someday.  Mookie; well, I loved ya Mook and then you went and wore a Cardinals hat in the playoffs.  I know your son played for them for 6 days, but did you need the outfit buddy?  Go F yourself.

Olle Perez hater Metstradamus wants Brian Schneider back I respect your opinion big guy, but although you make some valid points; I have to disagree.  This team needs less negative energy and Brian has 1982 Met leaking from every fiber of his being.  I don’t know where the answer lies, but I know it isn’t in Schneider’s bat.   I do love your “Who would you like to see put in a weather balloon to float away?” poll.

Marty Noble and the Media There’s this feeling that the Mets have fallen below the Marlins and Braves and there is nothing Omar can do in the off-season the fix things.  What a bunch of crap that is. I’m sick of the media dumping on this team like it’s a 2nd division franchise.  I realize it’s been a 3 ring circus the last few months, but on opening day 5 out of the 9 starters will be former All Stars in their prime and that’s without making a move.    Work must be done, but this team is in no way irrelevant in 2010.

Kiner’s Korner– We have a few interviews coming up and an end of the season round up… so stay tuned.  Same bat time – same bat channel!

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7 responses to “Game 6 and more!

  1. It’s sad that I was only 3 years old when the 1986 championship team “tasted the sweet champagne” as a former manager liked to say.

    I have more fondness for the late 90’s team cause I lived through it. I think they connected more to the fans since while they weren’t the most outgoing bunch, they were a good mix of pros (olerud, piazza, fonzie, rick reed, al leiter mike hampton) fun headstrong guys (ventura, bobby jones, turk wendell, john franco),and guys you love to hate (cedeno, henderson, ordonez, leiter again, franco again, benitez).

    this team just has gotten so bland, which is why the reyes hate confounds me.

    I used to agree with you on chapman, but now i’m not so sure. there’s a big PR move, and there’s a smart move. i think the mets went the PR well to many times in recent years (wolf will be too bland, lowe is too expensive, let’s get OLLIE who at least we can sell on potential!).

    i really would like to see an offseason the fans will be bored by. stop worrying about selling opening days tix and start caring about making a team that will sell you tix in october.

    as for noble and the media, it’s just typical NY. see the jets. all of a sudden, they went from being top of the world team to now being lucky if they win again and mark sanchez is a bust. it’s never middle ground. you’re either among the best ever (yanks) or the worst ever (mets).

    lupica had a great line in the daily news today which sums up my point.

    “How come everybody doesn’t get as giddy about cracks in the ramps at the new Stadium as they did with some problems at Citi Field?

    Or wouldn’t that feel as much like piling on?”

  2. Rob, I enjoyed the late 90’s teams; I just wish they didn’t break my heart each and every year. They were much like the late 80’s teams for Yankee fans; winning 90 games and completely overshadowed.

    You would have dug the mid/ late 80’s around here… it seemed like it would never end.

    I get the point about the team always going the PR route, but they never go the smart PR route. Olle was a better talent than Wolf… but nobody else wanted him and that should have said something. The Yankees got the two legitimate fish last year.

    If the guy throws 100 as a lefty, how do you not step up when you have only one legit pitching prospect in the minors?

  3. cause i think there comes a point you gotta say, “ok the mets are NOT the yanks.” they just dont have the money they do. they may both be in ny, but as i said before one’s a national brand, the other is a global brand.

    does the mets spending 40-60m on one prospect, as talented as he is, really make sense? i keep hearing fans say they rather get him than some “questionable mlb players.” What? if i have a choice between spending 40-60m on players who i KNOW made it to the big leagues, and a guy who MIGHT do it, i take the known quantity.

    or you can look at it another way. what if the mets have a certain dollar amount they have in their budget for minor league players – draft and signings combined? would you rather they spend 40-60m and bank it all on one guy, or spread it to several players to increase the chances of one of them making it?

    cause the biggest issue with the minors hasn’t been the lack of top prospects. how often have we heard the mets farm is “top heavy?” the problem is they don’t have depth. they don’t spend or scout enough to have the big star prospects, the mlb prospects (guys like dan murphy or pedro feliciano who can help at the mlb level, but are not stars), and the organizational prospects to keep the farm teams happy.

  4. btw. gotta love overreacting mets fans. john heyman said on twitter mets unlikely to go after lackey, and instead will focus on lf (presumably holliday).

    first, lackey was unlikely to come here anyway. most say he’ll resign with angels or go to texas.

    secondly, the reaction online is unbelievable. apparently, he is the only possible pitcher the mets can get and these idiots all assume before free agency hits that the mets are gonna go with the same staff. sigh.

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