God help us all

If there is a god… somehow the antichrist world series gets cancelled with an impromptu strike.  If it HAS to happen (much like a root canal or death itself), I hope the Phillies don’t score a single run in four short games with Rollins getting hit in the nuts on the 2nd to last pitch.  Oh the horror…

You know what sucks about tonight… we had another shot at those fuckers and the Phillies are took our ace and our place atop of the division.  Jeff, Met fans just had the underpants yanked up a bit higher tonight… please remember this feeling when you’re bidding on free agents this winter.

You just need to sit back and wonder how it came to this.    If there is a way for two teams to lose, I hope it happens.  Let’s get past the stupid parade and get on to hot stove.  With all due respect to good sportsmanship, the Yanks and Phils can go fuck themselves

Posted By Nik Kolidas


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